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Mrs Eio’s new toy – Philips pressure cooker (6 litres) 

After dreaming about having a pressure cooker for nearly a year… Mrs Eio finally bought her new toy – Philips pressure cooker. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Before having this pressure cooker, Mrs Eio used her multi-purpose rice cooker to cook beef stew. She’ll start cooking in the morning & leave it in the rice cooker (“keep warm” mode) so that the beef briskets will be soft & ready to eat by dinner time. 

With Philips pressure cooker, Mrs Eio is amazed that the beef stew is ready to eat in less than an hour! 

First, Mrs Eio used “bake -> vegetable” mode (5 min) to just cook the beef briskets. After this, she adds the vegetables & seasoning, & set the pressure cooker to “stew” mode (30 min). Do note that before the pressure cooker starts cooking for 30 min, it’ll take about 10 min to build up pressure in the pot. So all in all, it’ll take about 45-50 min to cook the stew. Nevertheless, it’s still more energy efficient & time-saving as compared to cooking stew in the rice cooker. 

For best result, to thicken the stew & simmer the vegetables & beef briskets, its best eaten after the stew is left in “warm mode” after an hour or so. 

Just a word of caution when the cooking is done, it’s important to release the pressure before opening the cover! Release the pressure carefully as the steam & some water (minimum) will shoot out from vent.

Mrs Eio loves her new toy as it helps her save lots of time for meal preparations. Eio kids can look forward to more different kinds of stews & soup with help of the pressure cooker & they can now have both beef stew & rice at the same time. 😄


Mr & Mrs Eio’s 10th Wedding Anniversary 

1 John 4:19 ~ “We love because he first loved us.”

2nd Dec 2016 is our 10th Wedding Anniversary. There were many lessons learnt over these years of marriage. We could have let it passed like any other ordinary day but we want to do something special together to enjoy each other’s company, to reflect & be thankful of our many blessings. 

Leave no room for complaints nor any slightest possibility to be upset with our spouse. 

We checked in Hotel Rendezvous for a 2d1n staycation days before our anniversary. Reason: Mr Eio had to go for a work trip to Europe on 3rd dec weekend. To “prevent” myself from even having the slightest possibility of complaining for the rest of the years in our marriage that he didn’t celebrate this special day with me, we decided to have a staycation together. 😜

This is the hotel where we held our wedding banquet 10 years ago. We often come to this hotel for a meal during our wedding anniversaries (some years together with the kids, especially when I was breastfeeding! Lol.)

God truly knows what we need & He never shortchange us. 

When we were at the check-in counter, we were told that we’re upgraded to junior suite & there’s club access. Praise the Lord! I can have as many cups of TWG tea as I desire. Nice ambience, good tea☕️ & light snacks🍰🍮. We didn’t have to stay in the room to reflect, chat & do planning. We are blessed with a nice place to chill out. 

Love • Forgive • Embrace

 1 Peter 4:8~ “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

I’ve not eaten buffet for a long time. This is one thing I would like to do with Mr Eio as he often comes home telling me how delicious was the buffet🍽 he had for lunch when he’s on course at a hotel etc. I can only imagine & salivate. Over the years,  there are many meals that I don’t even know or remember what I’m eating as I’m busy feeding the kids or getting them to finish their food. He always tells me we should try this & that buffet some days. We did for some but not the other. 

There are bad days when the kids misbehaved 😫& Mr Eio has to work OT or he’s overseas & there’s other things that I need to help him with on top of the household chores. I really wanna cry. Then, when he’s home, he needs to recover from jet lag 😴& kept sleeping in front of me (when I’m so tired), that I felt like throwing in the towel. I become easily offended by his words & the kids actions. I’m no longer loving & kind. Time like this, God’s grace is sufficient for us. Finally, after having sufficient nap, Mr Eio is ready to affirm me & top up my emptied love tank. ❤️️I’m “good-to-go” again. Lol. But before Mr Eio can do anything to top up my love tank, how much patience, forgiveness & last but not least – LOVE that I need to have to embrace them all.

Anyway, for our 10th anniversary, I decided I should stop whining & just booked a seafood buffet dinner. Yes we did! Enjoyed the lobsters, oysters & sashimi.🍣🍤🍗 Yums! Happy. No complaint. 🙌🏻😉

Recharge marriage with 1-1 couple’s time

Good time. Good food. Love this staycation! There’s a good spread for breakfast in Straits Cafe (cafe in Hotel Rendezvous). What I love most is the great companion! Couple’s time is hard to come by after having kids. It takes great effort to make it happen. We can’t have such overnight staycation all the time so we often has supper & shorter time out together after the kids sleep. (The kids sleep at 7.30pm). If Mr Eio don’t have OT, we can have more time together. Communication, acts to show love are all important to recharge the marriage. 

My favorite for breakfast. Liu sha bao (custard buns). 

Thank God for reliable support

Having couple’s time is next to impossible is you don’t have reliable support. Not just any support but reliable ones! 2d1n staycation is already so short, if I still have to keep calling home to check on the kids, I think it’ll be a wasted staycation. I thank God 👏🏻that the kids are well-taken care by my sister. Fun time doing crafts, going Mac Donalds etc. 😌

Continue to appreciate & discover something new about each other.

It’s my 1st time having high tea with Mr Eio. Throughout our 8 years of courtship & 10 years of marriage, we never had a high tea together. Before we head home to embrace our kids, let’s try something new together. Ops! Err… we both agree we’ll not waste money to have high tea together again. More worthwhile for me to have it with my girl friends. Lol. While I’m trying to enjoy every piece of the tarts & cakes… Mr Eio gobbled up all the food & drinks in 3 min! Well, we at least we discover something new about each other. Hahaha. 😄😄 we are done so soon & so that’s all on our staycation. 

Create new experiences & memories

2nd December 2016

We love to eat. Lol. This is one restaurant (Si Chuan Dou Hua) Mr Eio says he wanna bring me to as i’m always fascinated by how they serve tea. We dropped by this restaurant @ tampines hub while the kids are at Bible day camp. Mr Eio took leave since it’s our 10th Wedding Anniversary & he’s traveling the next day. 

Something I realized over the years when he goes for work trips is that he trusts me so much that he don’t even check what I pack into his luggage!!! I’ve to tell him where I put his stuff. Sometime he’ll just asked some simple questions if I put certain essentials into the luggage. Hmm… I joked that I’ll simply not put his under garments in his luggage one of these days. Lol. 

Nice soup, great food. Fragrance Pu-er tea. 

Pass it on! To the future generations. 

When the kids are back home with us, we view our wedding montage together & share with them what God-intended marriage is about. My girl shared that she wanna dressed like me when she gets married. 😘so sweet. 

Pass on what God has given us to our loved ones & the future generations… 

simply because…

We love because He first loved us…

                                                     ~ in His ❤️