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Meet & Melt cafe (part 2) 

The Eios visited Meet & Melt over the weekend to try out their toast. Mrs Eio visited this cafe earlier on for their waffles. Click on the link below for the review: Meet & Melt cafe | I am Mrs Eio

This time round, Eios went for the Melt toast @ S$9.90. (One scoop of icecream). Mrs Eio topped up for another scoop of icecream so it’s sufficient for the kids. 


Ok… The little fingers are not waiting any longer for Mrs Eio to take photos. Let’s go for it!!!
Mrs Eio like the taste of the melt toast. It’s crispy on the outside; warm (can see steam when cut open) & buttery on the inside. Love the thickness of the toast. The icecream melted pretty quickly. One scoop of icecream will be just nice. 2 scoops will be a little overwhelming & messy to eat. 🙂 The toast goes well with the peanut butter sauce. Just a bit too buttery for Mrs Eio on the inside of the toast (as you can see). Too much calories… Lol. 


If you ask Mrs Eio if she prefers the waffle or toast? Err… You know she loves waffles. But this toast is worth trying too. Enjoy. 


Meet & Melt 

Address: Blk 915 Tampines Street 91 #01-49.


Kuriya Japanese Market (Tampines 1 Basement 1)

Mrs Eio explored Kuriya Japanese Market (Tampines one B1). It’s a week old as of today. There’s a number of stores selling various Japanese food in Kuriya. If you spend more than S$10 per store, you will get a chop on a card. After collecting a chop from all the stores, you may redeem a return voucher. 
It’s rather crowded during lunch time as there ain’t many seats compared to the number of stores. 

Mrs Eio tried this store- Green pumpkin. 

Latte/ Hokkaido mango cheese cake / pumpkin bread & their specialty set (mackerel).   
The green pumpkin sells a number of cakes & tarts. 

But the pumpkin bread is the only food Mrs Eio thinks its worth spending her money on. Interesting… You can find pumpkin skin in the fillings. 

Sad to say the mango cheese cake tasted milky & it doesn’t has the refreshing milk taste of Hokkaido milk products. 

The latte… 

The onigiris are salty. The soup & fish are on the average. The portion are quite small. Sufficient for ladies who are small eaters but guys… You will need “top up”. 

Next, Mrs Eio tried the sushi & chirashi don. Well… These brought some hope to Kuriya. 

Yummy! It’s fresh & tasty. 

Last but not least, menichi tonkotsu ramen with garlic oil. This is good. The noodles are chewy. Soup is flavorful. The only thing is that Mrs Eio thinks it’s a little salty. Nevertheless, the ramens are worth a try. 


If you love Japanese food, this is a place that you can explore. But do note that not all the food are of the same standard. Its their first week. Hope all the stores can level up. Take your pick then…

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Visit to the Fire station (Tampines)

Every Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00 am is Fire Station Open House. (except for Jurong Island Fire Station). Eios decided to visit Tampines Fire Station on one of the Saturdays. 


Eio kids were excited about this trip. Once we reached the station, Mrs Eio presented her Nric to one of the officers on duty at the entrance to exchange for an entry pass into the station. 


The children visiting the station will receive the SCDF helmet. Once Eio kids put on these helmets, they were all ready to act as firemen! 


When we were at the Tampines Fire Station, the alarm went off 3 times. The fire engines & ambulances went off immediately. What a busy day for our Civil Defence Force!

We are very grateful to the officer who took us for a tour around the station. With his wealth of experience (more than 20 years), we learnt a lot from his explanations. 


Some hands-on & sitting in a fire engine. 

Powerful water spray gushing out from the fire hydrant. All kids are excited to have a try to on off the hose. 


Em’s turn… He tried a short while… let not waste water & give other children a chance to try it out. 

This pole is 3 storey high.  The firemen could injured themselves if they are not careful when they are sliding down the pole. 


In the command center… This is when we filled in the feedback forms. We were really pleased & truly enjoyed this trip. 


Taking Fa mily photo before making our way home. Really appreciate our SCDF for saving lives & making Singapore a safer place to live in. 

Thanks to our SCDF officer for our fruitful trip! 

Individuals who want to learn more about scdf & parents with children should visit one of our fire stations this school holiday. For a group of more than 10 people, it neccesary to submit an online application.

Link as below:
For smaller group, you can just walk-in. Mrs Eio doesn’t want to disappoint Eio kids, so she called up the fire station a few days before the visit to make sure they are not holding any event on that sat. 

Salute to our SCDF! 


Transfer of learning. Role play at home after our Fire station visitation. It’s educational, on a non-sch day (sat), absolutely FOC. So what are you waiting for? 😃

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Hatters Street Cafe 

Mrs Eio loves the waffles.  As of now, she thinks waffles from Hatters street is the best she has eaten. A must-try is the pandan icecream waffles with Gula Melaka sauce. 

pandan icecream with gula melaka sauce

Latte served is rich & creamy. 


Price of the waffles…

Mrs Eio loves the texture of the waffles. Thick, Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. When she plunges the butter knife into the waffles, she knows that’s what she loves. It’s tasty; not too sweets. Everything (waffle, icecream & sauce) just fall perfectly together! 

vanilla icecream with salted caramel sauce
A cafe with​ simple layout.
Hatters street serves only waffles, some cakes &
desserts & coffee. So be here for their specialties.  
If you love waffles, try hatters street! 


ADDRESS: Block 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 (S) 530212. 

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Mrs Eio’s waffles

Mrs Eio finally has time to post on her waffle making experience. The waffles she made during her 1st attempt were quite hard & dry. So this time round, she seeks to improve the quality of her waffles. Hope her waffles are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. 


Here’s the recipe…


2 cups flour

4teaspoons baking powder

1⁄2teaspoon salt

1⁄4cup sugar

2eggs, separated 

1⁄2cup oil (no no butter for el)

2cups soy milk (since el can’t have cow’s milk) 

Mrs Eio’s style: dump all ingredients (except egg whites) together in a mixing  bowl. She didn’t sieve the flour this time round. She might try sieving next time to see if there’s a different. Keeping stirring. You’ll see bubbles in the mixture as the baking powder is reacting. Mrs Eio used chopstick to beat the egg whites. Keep beating until it’s fluffy. Add the egg whites to the mixture & stir to mix well. 


Here’s Mrs Eio’s Severin waffle maker. Love it! Easy to wash & clean. Oil the maker before putting in the batter. if you wanna thicker waffles, just put more batter but don’t close the cover immediately. Let the waffle cooks about 1 min so that when you close the cover, the batter doesn’t ooze out. Don’t press down the cover all the way & do not “click” the cover so that the waffle will be thicker. 


Yummy… It’s the texture Mrs Eio loves.  

This is the fanciful part. Decorating & adding sauces to the waffles. Well, Mrs Eio’s style is that she uses whatever she can find in her fridge in kitchen. Heehee. 


El can’t have the chocolate sauce as it contains milk proteins. How about Gula malacca syrup? Mrs Eio tried Hatters street (Hougang) waffles with gula malacca sauce. She simply loves it. 

el’s waffles

em’s waffles

Happy faces…

To save time, Mrs Eio used up all the batter & made many waffles. She refrigerated the extra waffles for Mr Eio & her sister. 

When Mr Eio is back at night, Mrs Eio microwaved to warm up the waffles. Somehow this process softens the waffles but when the waffles cooled down, it’ll start to harden. So eat it while it’s warm so that the outside is hard & crisp but the inside has not harden yet. 

mr eio’s waffles

sister’s waffles

Home-made waffles. Yummy… She thinks it’s a success this time round. 

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Meet & Melt cafe

Mrs Eio is pleasantly surprised to find a cafe opposite her alma mater along Tampines St 91. This is the neighborhood she grew up in. Many changes from the colours of the flat to the shops at the void deck. Being there is simply nostalgic…   
Meet & Melt- a cafe selling drinks, icecream toast & waffles. Wonder how’s their waffles?

This is a family business. The lady boss is very friendly. These are the desserts they are offering & the prices. They also cater to students at a lower price but of course a smaller portion too. 🙂

Mrs Eio ordered charcoal waffle plus salted egg icecream & a Thai ice tea. 

The Thai ice tea is only S$2. Taste ok. 

Mrs Eio is pretty impressed with their waffle. Yes. It’s the texture that she likes. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. With a tinge of sweetness. 

The charcoal waffle goes pretty well with the salted egg icecream. This combi tastes pretty good with the salted egg sauce but Mrs Eio would prefer to dip it with the caramel sauce on the plate to have a better contrast at your taste bud- sweetness of the caramel & waffle in contrast with the saltish taste from the icecream & salted egg sauce. Yummy! 
Ain’t you in love with it… Look at how the sauce drizzles down from the icecream & waffles…

Their pricing is slightly cheaper than the other neighborhood cafes that sells waffles. Worth a try! Mrs Eio will be back to try their toast soon. Stay tune…

Address: Blk 915 tampines st 91 #01-49. S520915. 


Song Fa Ba Kut Teh @ Changi Business Park

Come! Come come! Don’t say Mrs Eio didn’t share yummy food with you. There’s a hidden gem away from the city area. Song Fa Ba Kut Teh @ changi business park.    

Don’t be turn off by the long queue at the entrance. The wait is about 5-10 min. Meanwhile take a look at the menu & make your order while you are waiting. 

 The interior of Song Fa looks like an inn. Once they served your orders, they will expect you to foot the bill immediately. It’s crowded whenever Mrs Eio visits this outlet so expect certain level of noise. 

If you are a Ba Kut Teh & Braised Pig’s trotter lover, this is the place you must visit! 

Pork ribs soup
Mrs Eio loves Song Fa’s Ba Kut Teh Pork Ribs Soup. The peppery taste & fragrance from the herbs & pork ribs. Salivating!!!!! One thing Mrs Eio would like to commend Song Fa is that they top up the soup in your bowl when there’s only ingredients left in the bowl. Drink more soup lah.

fish soup
fish soup
The sliced fish soup is simply fish plus the Ba Kut teh soup. If you don’t take red meat, this is a good option. The fish is coated with starch before cooking so it’s pretty smooth when it enters your mouth. 


mee sua
salted vegetable & kai lan

Never! Never leave Song Fa without trying their braised Pig’s trotter. For collagen! For beauty! For Pig’s Trotters!!! The meat is tender & the ligaments are soft. The Pig’s trotters are full of the fragrance of the braised sauce. Simply Yumm!!!

Mrs Eio paid a total of S$32.80 for ordering all the above (small size) plus a bowl of rice & 2 drinks. 

Song Fa has 3 more outlets at Chinatown, new bridge road & Seletar mall. If you are staying around that area, you might wanna try it out. For more informations, visit their website @

Cheerios! For Ba Kut Teh!!!


AddressUE BizHub East

(North Tower Office)

6 Changi Business Park Ave 1

#01-38 (S) 486017


Tel: +65 6694 8098

Opening Hours

10:30am – 9:15pm

(Open Daily)

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McCafe delights

Mrs Eio is not promoting Mac Donald’s here but she has to blog about her pleasant encounters with a McCafe staff at the Mac Donald’s outlet located at Tampines St 32. 

During one of Mrs Eio’s recent visit to this mac outlet, she ordered a take-away latte (in case she can’t finish the coffee as she’s in a rush) & a “have it here” muffin. The outlet wasn’t crowded. Hence, this barista asked Mrs Eio to take a seat & offered to serve the Latte & muffin right to her table! That’s very nice of her… When Mrs Eio “received” her Latte & muffin, these were what she had gotten. 

   Ain’t these lovely. Mrs Eio don’t think many baristas will bother to “decorate” the Latte for take-away. But this barista makes an effort to do so. Look at the cream beside the muffin!

Mrs Eio was back to this outlet again few days later. She ordered a Latte & muffin again but this time she’s “having them here”. 

Nice Latte Art. The barista even decorated the plate for serving muffin. Well done! 

This is the barista that Mrs Eio is referring to (see photo below). A Lovely lady who takes pride in her job & Mrs Eio could see that she’s willing to go the extra miles to serve the customer. 

The latte tasted pretty good even though Mrs Eio asked for low fat milk. It’s less creamy, lighter in terms of its body but definitely good enough to perk up Mrs Eio’s day. 

It’s a delight to have such an encounter at a neighborhood Mac Donald’s cafe outlet. 

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Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Finally, Mrs Eio made it to  Chye Seng Huat Hardware. She noticed that many people in the cafe are taking photos. Let’s join the crowd!   
Mr Eio likes the Latte at CSHH as its not too acidic. But Mrs Eio finds it too milky & lacks “kick” for her. Nevertheless, everyone has different preference for their cuppa. 🙂

Barista at work! Make sure you don’t wait in vain while placing your order. There’s a queue for collecting your coffee orders & a separate queue for ordering your food. They are just next to each other so Mrs Eio went to the wrong queue while waiting to place her order at the cashier. 

Interesting concept. Rather crowded during lunch time. So Mrs Eio did not take as much photos as she would like to… She likes the window grilles. Lol. 

The Papa pork burger is interesting. Charcoal bun with pork patty served with wasabi chips. The patty is on the sweet side mainly due to the pineapple jam on top of it. 

Yes. They grill the burger bun! Mrs Eio thinks S$18 is consider expensive as the side dish is just chips (not fries or salad). 

Forest of Mushroom on toast is a letdown. It’s like having thick cream of mushroom on a simple toast. The poached egg white are rather tough in texture. S$15 for this dish. Mrs Eio will sure skip this if she ever visit CSHH again. 

EL enjoyed the chips though…

So much of the food… Mrs Eio went on to explore the second level. 

Apparently, part of the level 2 is used to conduct craft workshops & the Tyrwhitt General company sells leather & other items. You may visit their website to find out more about their craft workshop. 


This company is not related to CSHH. 

This is where they conduct the craft workshop. Probably for 10-15 pax. You may sign up as individuals too. 


 Leather pouch – one can make this during the workshop. 

The C- platform is a coffee school under CSHH. 


All in all, do explore beyond level 1 to make your trip worthwhile. 🙂 

CSHH Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Road, 207563