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Eios @ National Gallery (Keppel Centre for Art Education)

Finally the National Gallery is opened this week. Eios make our trip there with lots of excitement & anticipation!   
Mr Eio booked the tickets online. We thought we had to park at Funan center & walk over but we were so glad to find carpark in National gallery itself (basement). 

Once our e-tickets were  scanned, our journey began…

Eio kids having fun with this maze- like structure. The gallery is actually quite big. So it’s good to grab a map at the entrance before proceeding. 

Walk walk walk to another wing to enter the Keppel Centre for Art Education. 


Mrs Eio loves the benches & chairs she sees along the way…

At the former Supreme Court holding cell. Em amazed at the toilet in the cell. Nowadays, kids seldom see squatting toilet right?

Look at the structures & designs…  

Yes! Finally Keppel centre for art education!!


Due to the large number of visitors, we could only have 45 minutes in this centre. 

There are a number of “work or exhibition rooms”. E.g, 1 room where the kids can colour & do different kinds of worksheets (different level of difficulties) FOC. The project gallery where the kids can do some crafts (chargeable).  Children museum etc. 


Eio kids enjoyed themselves at the Art playscape. There’s a guide telling them stories & bringing them around the area. 

Going up the slope for kids 1m (height) & below. El was fearful to go up alone. 


How about having tea with papa…

Beware of crocodiles…

Finally, El went up the slope with Em.   

Spot Mr Eio!


After the story telling session, the kids were free to roam around. 

Roar like a tiger with the “tigress”! Lol. 


After exiting from the playscape, eios went into the woods. 

Rest time…


More chairs…


More galleries…

Tired & squatting around. Lol.   



Errr… Frankly speaking, Mrs Eio must say only the Keppel Centre for Art education is more suitable for El (3 years old). The rest of the exhibitions are more for the adults. Em could probably understand some of them as he asked thousand & one questions. 


If you are bringing young children to the National gallery, Mrs Eio would strongly advise you to do so after their meals as there ain’t cafes or restaurants suitable for them. If you brought snacks for the children, you may want to exit the gallery & feed them outside as we really don’t want to dirty the place. (Not sure if food is allowed too…)


Time to go home… Mr & Mrs Eio will visit the gallery again. Err.. Probably just the 2 of them. Heehee…

For more info, visit their websites:

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Korean Dessert Cafe (Tampines)

Mrs Eio decided to try out this newly opened Korean Dessert Cafe @ Tampines Century Square level 3.   
After placing your orders, you’ll be given this “vibrating pagers”- self service. 

These are the bingsu available in this cafe. Prices range from S$12.90-s$18.90 (additional toppings charged separately). 

Mrs Eio noticed most people are sharing their bingsu & the customers are mostly young people & ladies. 

Mrs Eio ordered a Pat Bingsu (rice cake & red bean) for $12.90 & a latte for $5.90. 

Additional milk is given for your bingsu. Dash of peanut powder on it. The difference between bingsu & our ice Kacang (besides the major price difference!!) is mainly the texture of the ice. The ice for bingsu is finer & softer. The rice cakes are chewy. When you scoop further into the crashed ice, you can find some more peanut powder among the ice & milk at the bottom of the bowl. 

The red bean mash is not too sweet. Pretty decent dessert. Mrs Eio think its good to share a bowl of it with another person. Unless, your mouth & throat can take the challenge of finishing a bowl of crashed ice & all its ingredients. :)) the coffee is very average. Nice place to hangout for desserts after pedi manicure & shopping but make sure you have enough money! Lol. 

Food, Good deals/Lobang

New Toy: OBLO (Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

Eios has a new toy. It’s name is OBLO. On offer, S$69.90 from Cold storage. Mr Eio decided to let Mrs Eio & Eio kids have their way this time. Thank you!


You can get the OBLO cum 6 capsules of the following for S$69.90. 

Before Mrs Eio & Eio kids start playing… There’s instruction manuel (picture form) on how to rinse OBLO with water before use. 


Ok… Time to feed OBLO some capsule. 🙂

For cuppucino, there’s 2 capsule. The coffee & milk. 


Eio kids trying out!


Mrs Eio should have put in the milk capsule fist before the coffee capsule but she didn’t. 


She did it the other way round. So the colour of the cuppucino is reversed. Lol. 


Mrs Eio bought the following 2 type of capsules. So far, Cortado is Rich & “got kick”. Kind of bitter without sugar. Suitable to have it in the morning to perk up the day before work! 


 Yes. Mrs Eio’s cuppa this morning. The only minus point for OBLO is that it doesn’t have water indicator. Meaning you have to put the right amount of water in the water tank to make coffee. The machine doesn’t automatically stop when your coffee is done. If you add too much water into the water tank, all the best! Your cup will either overflow or you will have very diluted cuppa. 

This is nothing to worry about for Mrs Eio as she has metal measuring cups at home! Heehee. She has done some basic marking on the water tank. So for one capsule coffee, just add in the right amount of water into the tank before making coffee. For 2capsule coffee, she has to use her measuring cup to “collect” the right amount of “liquid” from the first capsule. Then pour it into the cup. Second capsule “liquid” can go straight into the cup containing the 1st capsule’s “liquid”… Done!! There’s ways to work around this problem. 

Well… $ 69.90 for all the excitement & having another option to have a decent cuppa in the morning. Why not? 

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Art of Marriage by CRU

June this year, Mr & Mrs Eio had a weekend getaway at Changi Village Hotel. They attended the 2day/ 1night Art of Marriage course by CRU Singapore. 

Mr & Mrs Eio had a good time learning & discussing the following topics. It’s a great opportunity where they can spend quality time with each other without any distraction, especially from Eio kids. It’s 2d1n staycation, so it’s very much do-able for the Eios. They are blessed that Mr Eio’s parents & Mrs Eio’s sister are able to take care of Eio kids during their staycation. 

The video sessions and projects cover the following topics:

Session 1: Love Happens (Purpose of Marriage)

Session 2: Love Fades (Drift to Isolation)

Session 3: Love Dances (Roles)

Session 4: Love Interrupted (Communication)

Session 5: Love Sizzles (Romance and Sex)

Session 6: Love Always (Legacy)

Besides lesson proper, Mr & Mrs Eio cycled in Changi beach park & stroll along Changi beach. They get to enjoy yummy food at hawker centre too. 

They went for the hotel massage service but it’s not so worth it as the staff ain’t very experience. Nevertheless, Mrs Eio is impressed by many tea breaks & delicious hotel meals. 


If you wanna strengthen your marriage or top up the emotional credit for your spouse, consider a getaway. Married couples with young children can opt for a staycation. 


5-6 December 2015, Cru will be organizing Art of Marriage again @ Village Hotel Katong. 

If you are interested to have a getaway with your spouse & learn something, do seriously consider joining Art of Marriage. 

For more information, Pls visit the website below:


 Ecclesiastes 4:12 (New International Version)

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”