Cleaning liquid: vinegar plus fruit peels. 

Post cny. Don’t throw away the mandarine orange peels after eating the yummy juicy flesh. 🙂

Make household cleaning liquid using white vinegar & the fruit peels (wash clean). Got the idea from this website: http://heidistjohn.com/homemaking/organization/homemade-all-purpose-citrus-spray

 Use a glass jar (prevent corrosion from vinegar). Add the fruit peels into the jar followed by the vinegar. 

Do not fill to the brim to allow space for the air to be collected during reaction. Otherwise, Mrs Eio think the jar cover will “pop”! 

Cover the jar & let it sit for couple of days. (Don’t think need weeks before we can use). 

See photo for result on second day. There’s nice smell of the Orange peels. No more vinegar smell. Wonderful. Label the jar to know when the liquid was made. 

Use it! 


~烟霾~ The haze






减少lim kopi☕️




Kids/Children, Others

KiFAS- Kindergarten Fees Assistance Scheme. 

Today, Eio kids’ classmates’ mom1 is telling another mom2 that she saw mom2 at Blk xxx to “suum-pah” (took an oath)  this morning. Apparently, they have applied for KiFAS. 2 months back, mom1 was sharing with everyone at the entrance of the school that she’s unaware of this scheme, so she had been paying a lot more every month for her child’s school fees. 

Mrs Eio would like to share the link to the website with information on KiFAS. Parents who would like to apply for KiFAS have to obtain the application form from their child’s teacher. 

Hope families & our needy pupils can really benefit from this scheme & not lose out in their early childhood education. 😊
See this link: https://www.ecda.gov.sg/PressReleases/Pages/Higher-Fee-Assistance-For-More-Affordable-Kindergarten-Education.aspx


The significance of 7.7.2015

Few weeks ago, I’ve a prompting to tender my resignation. This prompting caught me by surprised as I’ve already successfully extended my no-pay-leave (NLP) till next year sept when El is 4 years old. Nevertheless, I emailed MOE to find out more about resignation. When MOE replied last week, I discussed this issue with Mr Eio. He’s very supportive & thinks that I should tender my resignation. 

When I emailed MOE to asked for the resignation form & enquire about the process, this date 7th July came to me. I was wondering what is this all about & at the same time I’ve been procrastinating about setting up a blog. So I told myself last week, I’ll start a blog by 7th July if I’m able to relinquish my role as a MOE Teacher by then. Days passed by & there’s no reply. I’m very busy & caught up with household chores & taking care of Eio kids that I almost forgotten about this. Lo & behold, I checked my email today, MOE replied me yesterday (6th July) evening. OK! There’s no way to run away from this. I submitted my resignation form today. Of course, I’ve to serve one month notice. But it really doesn’t make a difference since I’m on NPL. Henceforth, I’ve relinquished my role as an MOE teacher & taken up a role as a blogger today. This year 2015 is the year of Jubilee for Singapore SG50. In God’s Word, the Jubilee Year occurs after 7 sets of 7 yearly intervals (49 total) are finished.

Photo taken last Sunday during Jubilee Day of Prayer (JDOP) on 5th July 2015. Singapore sports hub stadium. Over 51000 Believers are at this event (including our President Mr Tony Tan). GOH: PM Lee HL. 

“Set this year apart as holy, a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live there. It will be a jubilee year for you, when each of you may return to the land that belonged to your ancestors and return to your own clan. ” (‭Leviticus‬ ‭25‬:‭10‬ NLT)

7/7/2015: The Day that I be redeemed. Regain my freedom on this year of celebration! 


From Ms Chin to Mrs Eio. 

Today, I tender my resignation letter to MOE after being on no-pay leave (NPL) for 2 years plus. During my 7-8 years of teaching in secondary schools, I’ve always been known as Miss Chin (before married) & Ms Chin (陈老师) after I got married to Mr Eio on 2nd Dec 2006. After I started to be on NPL, people around me started to call me Mrs Eio. Especially the contractors & vendors during my new house renovation. I’ve decided to start blogging if I can tender my resignation before or on 7th July 2015 & I’ll name my blog & declares “I am Mrs Eio” to mark the start of my new calling & journey on family, kids & food (which I think has already started when I’m on NPL 2 years back  ). I love my students, sure miss some of my ex-colleagues & bosses but there’s a season for everything. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. 

So, I’ve to say, “Good bye MOE!”

Photo taken in Maldives, Safari Island on June 2015.