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A place Mr & Mrs Eio decided that they must go during their 3d2n Staycation is Antoinette!    

 Why? Mrs Eio wanna try their salted egg croissant! 😝

Look at how the salted egg flows out from the croissant. The croissant is crispy & fluffy. Simply Yums! Worth the trip. 
Latte is good. 

Love the ambience…❤️❤️

Only thing that’s kind of disappointing is the pasta. Too oily. The food items are pricey but if it’s of good standard, it’s ok. Mr Eio says Mrs Eio can cook better pasta. So… 😓

There’s a great variety of desserts but Mrs Eio think they taste average. 

Conclusion: Be there if you wanna try their salted egg croissant & for the nice ambience. 

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Little kitchen helper: Eio Kids make egg burgers

Mrs Eio is starting a new category in her blog- Little kitchen helper. 

Practical Reason: some of her SAHM or mommies friends are asking what she does with her kids at home? How she get them to help to prepare their lunch or dinner? What exactly Eio kids do when they help to prepare meals? 

Here’s some photos & descriptions for easier references. Just sharing some ideas. She’s sure many mommies are doing similar stuff or even better job out there!👍

Please note that most of the photos are back dated as Mrs Eio didn’t really take photos recently when the kids help out. Will try to make an effort to take photos if possible. 😁


Why does Mrs Eio need helpers in her kitchen? Very practical reasons again! 

  1. It’s a life skill they need to learn. Just like some parents think learning how to swim is important. 😊
  2. It’s educational. Eggs are not scrambled, poached, fried or sunny side up. There’s egg white & yolk too. Lol. 
  3. Instead of them playing & starting to get bored… bickering around evening time… Come on! Do something constructive with/for mommy & the family! 
  4. Kids to learn the process & be appreciative. If Eio kids ever question their mommy why cook this dish today or gets bored with certain dish. OK! DIY!!! After the kids started helping in the kitchen, they can better understand it really takes effort for mommy to prepare a meal for them!
  5. Eio kids like to help in the kitchen. They like to stand around to see how Mrs Eio prepare a meal. Aiyoh! Don’t stand around. Help out lah! 

There’s couple of “things to note” before getting the little helpers to help in the kitchen.

7 key pointers for mommies: 

  • The task assigned must be age appropriate! You can’t expect a 2 years old to fry an egg?!?!? Probably learn how to crack an egg is more age appropriate.
  • Starts with small & simple tasks. Please refrain from getting the little helpers to do complicated tasks when they are asked to help for the first time round. There’s a possibility of them messing things up. If mommy starts to get upset due to the mess, they get discouraged. 
  • Set rules & boundaries. Be clear with your instructions. Hello! They are kids! There’s stove, knives (dangerous items) etc in the  kitchen. You really want the kids to know this is not a playground right from the start! Especially if you have more than 1 little helper! 
  • Avoid wastage & unnecessary “volcano eruption”(getting upset). Eg. You may wanna scoop out the pasta sauce or put some ingredients into bowls to avoid the little helpers from spilling the entire can of sauce or messing up all the ingredients. 
  • Preparations needed depending on what you are getting the kids to help you in. Eg. Stools if your kids can’t reach the table top. Cutleries that’s suitable for kids’ use etc. 
  • Provide compliments & affirmation when you see job well done or good behaviors. Practice makes perfect. The more the kids do, it’ll get better. 
  • Last but not least, adult supervision is absolutely required!!! They are little helpers. Not adults. It’s important to teach them how to use a plastic knife & supervise how they do the task. 

Egg burgers

As you can see the Eio kids crack eggs & add the sesame oil, salt & pepper to the egg. Beat the eggs. But Mrs Eio did not let them fry the eggs then as they were already very hungry. As of now, both kids can crack an egg. Em can crack it beautifully without breaking the yolk most of the time. El is still trying to attain that standard. 

 Making burger… Spread butter… Add tomatoes, eggs etc. 

Eat lah! Yummy! 

From level of difficulty 1-5, 1 being easiest. This kind of preparation is considered level 1. Easy for both their age. For el perhaps it’s 1.5.. But still, very safe & easy to manage. 😊

Frankly speaking, when these little kitchen helpers prepare their meals, they tends to finish everything. Lol. 


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Dairy-free cream of mushroom

Em loves cream of mushroom but El can’t eat due to the presence of animal milk protein. Mrs Eio has been thinking how to make this soup tastes good & both kids can enjoy. The cream of mushroom didn’t taste as good with Soy milk. Mrs Eio finally got it when she used coconut cream to make the soup. Yummy! 


  • 500g of shitake mushroom (before removing stalks) 
  • 200 g of brown mushroom (before removing stalks) 
  • 1 packet of cream of coconut 
  • 3 yellow onions & 2 cloves of garlic 
  • Salt & pepper to taste. 
  • Olive oil to stir fry the ingredients. 
  • 1-2 cups of water. 
  • Pinch of oregano (optional. Some people use thyme) 

Comparing the nutrition information before deciding to use coconut cream. To obtain the creamy texture, coconut cream is the way to go! 

Chopped the garlic, mushrooms & onions. Just anyhow chop! 😁😁since she’s going to blend it anyway… Shall get the Eio kids to help the next time round.  

Add some olive oil into the pot. Stir fry the onion & garlic before adding mushrooms. Add oregano, salt & pepper to taste. 

Mrs Eio must make her effort worthwhile so she will stir fry more ingredients & freeze part of it for use on another day. 

Her handheld blender comes to good use again. Blend all the ingredients in the pot. 

After blending, Mrs Eio put part of the blended ingredients into a container. Freeze it upon cooling.

Note: Try to freeze the ingredients before adding coconut cream. You may add the coconut cream or milk to the thawed mushrooms mixture the next time round. 

For the other half of the ingredients in the pot, Mrs Eio added coconut cream & 1-2 cups of water (depending on your preference on the thickness of the soup). Bring to boil. 

Wallah!! Coconut cream of mushroom !    

Em finished that big bowl of soup! He simply loves it!!

Try it!!😊

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Kueh bahalu

Mrs Eio wanted to make kueh bahulu for a long time as Eio kids love to eat it. It’s dairy free! She finally tried out Guai shu shu’s recipe. 

Check out the link for the original recipe:蛋花糕)/

Mrs Eio made slight amendments to the amount of ingredients. 

The ingredients: 

  • 4 eggs
  • 150 grams of self raising flour
  • 120 grams of sugar
  • A tsp of vanilla essence 

Preheat the oven to 200 degree c. 

Grease the Kueh Bahulu mould. Mrs Eio is using the madeleine mould too.     

Mrs Eio loves her handheld mixer. Beat the eggs, vanilla essence & sugar until the volume expands to twice to three times the original volumn. 

Seive in the flour & mix well. 


Scoop the mixture into moulds & pop them  into the oven. Turn the kueh bahulu over after 10~15 min. Bake for another 10 min. 


Mrs Eio wasn’t too please with her 1st attempt. The taste is ok but the colour & texture are not as she have expected. Nevertheless, Eio kids love the kueh bahulu. 

Its always good to have homemade snacks! 😁

Animal-Milk-Protein Free, Baking, Dairy-free, Food, Recipe

Dairy-free chocolate chocolate cake

Mrs Eio tried out a dairy-free chocolate cake recipe from Tip Hero (please refer to the link below for original recipe & directions) :

Truly fuss-free, minimal washing & most importantly El can eat as it does not contain animal milk protein. 

These are the ingredients Mrs Eio uses.    
Mrs Eio amended the amount of  ingredients slightly. 

– 1.5 cup plain flour (sieved)

– 3 tablespoons cocoa powder

– 180ml  granulated sugar (reduced) 

– 1 teaspoon baking soda

– 1/3 teaspoon kosher salt (reduced)

– 1 teaspoon white vinegar

– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

– 4.5 tablespoons vegetable oil (reduced)

– 1 cup water

Preheat the oven to 170 degree c. 

Add all the dry ingredients directly to the pan and mix well. 

Make 3 depressions in the mixed dry ingredients. Add vinegar, oil & vanilla extract into the 3 depressions separately. Lastly, pour water into the mixture. Use a fork & mix till smooth. 
Mrs Eio used a wooden spatula to mix instead as the metal fork will scratch her pan. 

Put the mixture into the preheated oven for about 35 min. 

Test if the cake is ready using a satay stick. 

Nice & yummy!! 😄 El ate 2 slices & asked for more. 


The cake tastes even better with chocolate fudge & blueberries! 

Wait not. Try it out! 👍