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A place Mr & Mrs Eio decided that they must go during their 3d2n Staycation is Antoinette!    

 Why? Mrs Eio wanna try their salted egg croissant! 😝

Look at how the salted egg flows out from the croissant. The croissant is crispy & fluffy. Simply Yums! Worth the trip. 
Latte is good. 

Love the ambience…❤️❤️

Only thing that’s kind of disappointing is the pasta. Too oily. The food items are pricey but if it’s of good standard, it’s ok. Mr Eio says Mrs Eio can cook better pasta. So… 😓

There’s a great variety of desserts but Mrs Eio think they taste average. 

Conclusion: Be there if you wanna try their salted egg croissant & for the nice ambience. 

Cafe Hopping, Food

Bar Bar Black Sheep (Bukit Timah)

Mr & Mrs Eio were at the Bukit Timah area last weekend. Hence they decided to try out Bar Bar Black Sheep.     
There’s nothing “spectacular” for their ice coffee latte. What’s to come is truly yummy…

 Mr Eio & latte…:))

Mr & Mrs Eio decided to try one western dish & one North Indian dish. 

They loved the grilled chicken. The potatoes are seasoned & well grilled. The chicken meat is juicy & goes very well with the creamy mushroom sauce. Mrs Eio loves the taste of their salad dressing. 

Their Butter chicken & plain naan didn’t disappoint us at all. The naan is crispy on the outside but soft & fluffy on the inside. It goes well with the curry & chicken. 

They encourage self service so Mr Eio made the payment at the counter.  The cafe was not crowded on the weekend that we went. 

A nice & cool place to chill out or watch football together. 

 Nevertheless, please note that there’s limited lots in the nearest carpark but you can always check out other carpark areas.  


Bar Bar Black Sheep

501 Bukit Timah #01-05C

Cluny Court

Tel: +65 6763 4757

Cafe Hopping, Food

Cedele (Paragon)

Mrs Eio had her brunch at Cedele at paragon. 

She ordered her cuppa as usual. 

Beef sandwich with salad was good. The prune sauce in the burger fits well. The beef patty is juicy. The ciabatta bread was toasted so it gave the sandwich an extra crunch. The salad dressing is very uplifting & refreshing. 

Mrs Eio ordered Cedele’s full work’s breakfast. The poached eggs ate well done. You can asked for them to be done differently. She appreciated that they offered 2 different kinds of sliced bread with butter & jam. 

Mrs Eio is glad to see Soy milk beverages. One more restaurant option for El. 


For more info, visit their website:



290 Orchard Road

#01-20A Paragon

Singapore 238859

Cafe Hopping, Food

Paul (Paragon) 

Mr & Mrs Eio were at Paul (paragon) for their breakfast.    
They ordered latte, sunny side up & omelette. The price for their breakfast was decent as compared to having it in the hotel they were staying. 

Nice coffee. Not too acidic nor bitter. Great way to start their morning together. 🙂

The toasts were crispy & nutty. Mrs Eio’s glad that the sausages weren’t too salty. The tomato was a bit soggy though (as you can see).    

Not forgetting there’s a wide selection of pastries for takeaway at their counter. 

After all, it’s the companion that matters the most. Cosy place to enjoy breakfast along orchard road, nice chat with her beloved & great opportunity for them to chew slowly on every bite without having to rush or take care of Eio kids. 

For more info, visit Paul Singapore Facebook @

Cafe Hopping, Food

2am: dessert bar

Mrs Eio wanted to visit 2am: dessert bar for quite some time. Winning these 2 vouchers in a Facebook contest gave her the extra push to travel all the way to holland village to enjoy her cuppa & dessert in this cool cafe/ dessert bar by Chef Janice Wong. 

2am: dessert bar is located at level 2. 

Mr & Mrs Eio were there around 3pm. It wasn’t crowded. 

Mrs Eio ordered Chocolate Licorice & The Cuppucino. 

Mrs Eio likes the chocolate icecream with taste of herbs. 

The melon disc (below) is refreshing. It goes well with hazelnuts. 

Our cuppas from the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. 

Mrs Eio don’t wanna miss her chance to try out their waffles for S$18 (excluding other charges). 

If you loves chocolate, try their 2am: Fonffle-  70 per cent chocolate fondant waffle with blood orange sorbet. The waffle is crispy on the outside. Fluffy & very soft on the inside. Mrs Eio will say it’s much softer than the waffles she has eaten in other cafes. The sorbet is absolutely necessary. Just when you are about to be overwhelmed be the chocolate sauce, the sorbet gives a refreshing & up-lifting taste. A contrast to the chocolaty sweetness. 

A dessert bar / cafe for people who really knows how to appreciate deserts & see it as an art-form. The food are considered pricey unless you can truly appreciate it. Mr Eio gobbles up the desserts so not much comments from him. Lol. 

For more info, visit their website:

Cafe Hopping, Food

Korean Dessert Cafe (Tampines)

Mrs Eio decided to try out this newly opened Korean Dessert Cafe @ Tampines Century Square level 3.   
After placing your orders, you’ll be given this “vibrating pagers”- self service. 

These are the bingsu available in this cafe. Prices range from S$12.90-s$18.90 (additional toppings charged separately). 

Mrs Eio noticed most people are sharing their bingsu & the customers are mostly young people & ladies. 

Mrs Eio ordered a Pat Bingsu (rice cake & red bean) for $12.90 & a latte for $5.90. 

Additional milk is given for your bingsu. Dash of peanut powder on it. The difference between bingsu & our ice Kacang (besides the major price difference!!) is mainly the texture of the ice. The ice for bingsu is finer & softer. The rice cakes are chewy. When you scoop further into the crashed ice, you can find some more peanut powder among the ice & milk at the bottom of the bowl. 

The red bean mash is not too sweet. Pretty decent dessert. Mrs Eio think its good to share a bowl of it with another person. Unless, your mouth & throat can take the challenge of finishing a bowl of crashed ice & all its ingredients. :)) the coffee is very average. Nice place to hangout for desserts after pedi manicure & shopping but make sure you have enough money! Lol. 

Cafe Hopping, Food

Meet & Melt cafe (part 2) 

The Eios visited Meet & Melt over the weekend to try out their toast. Mrs Eio visited this cafe earlier on for their waffles. Click on the link below for the review: Meet & Melt cafe | I am Mrs Eio

This time round, Eios went for the Melt toast @ S$9.90. (One scoop of icecream). Mrs Eio topped up for another scoop of icecream so it’s sufficient for the kids. 


Ok… The little fingers are not waiting any longer for Mrs Eio to take photos. Let’s go for it!!!
Mrs Eio like the taste of the melt toast. It’s crispy on the outside; warm (can see steam when cut open) & buttery on the inside. Love the thickness of the toast. The icecream melted pretty quickly. One scoop of icecream will be just nice. 2 scoops will be a little overwhelming & messy to eat. 🙂 The toast goes well with the peanut butter sauce. Just a bit too buttery for Mrs Eio on the inside of the toast (as you can see). Too much calories… Lol. 


If you ask Mrs Eio if she prefers the waffle or toast? Err… You know she loves waffles. But this toast is worth trying too. Enjoy. 


Meet & Melt 

Address: Blk 915 Tampines Street 91 #01-49.

Cafe Hopping, Food

Hatters Street Cafe 

Mrs Eio loves the waffles.  As of now, she thinks waffles from Hatters street is the best she has eaten. A must-try is the pandan icecream waffles with Gula Melaka sauce. 

pandan icecream with gula melaka sauce

Latte served is rich & creamy. 


Price of the waffles…

Mrs Eio loves the texture of the waffles. Thick, Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. When she plunges the butter knife into the waffles, she knows that’s what she loves. It’s tasty; not too sweets. Everything (waffle, icecream & sauce) just fall perfectly together! 

vanilla icecream with salted caramel sauce
A cafe with​ simple layout.
Hatters street serves only waffles, some cakes &
desserts & coffee. So be here for their specialties.  
If you love waffles, try hatters street! 


ADDRESS: Block 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 (S) 530212. 

Cafe Hopping, Food

Meet & Melt cafe

Mrs Eio is pleasantly surprised to find a cafe opposite her alma mater along Tampines St 91. This is the neighborhood she grew up in. Many changes from the colours of the flat to the shops at the void deck. Being there is simply nostalgic…   
Meet & Melt- a cafe selling drinks, icecream toast & waffles. Wonder how’s their waffles?

This is a family business. The lady boss is very friendly. These are the desserts they are offering & the prices. They also cater to students at a lower price but of course a smaller portion too. 🙂

Mrs Eio ordered charcoal waffle plus salted egg icecream & a Thai ice tea. 

The Thai ice tea is only S$2. Taste ok. 

Mrs Eio is pretty impressed with their waffle. Yes. It’s the texture that she likes. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. With a tinge of sweetness. 

The charcoal waffle goes pretty well with the salted egg icecream. This combi tastes pretty good with the salted egg sauce but Mrs Eio would prefer to dip it with the caramel sauce on the plate to have a better contrast at your taste bud- sweetness of the caramel & waffle in contrast with the saltish taste from the icecream & salted egg sauce. Yummy! 
Ain’t you in love with it… Look at how the sauce drizzles down from the icecream & waffles…

Their pricing is slightly cheaper than the other neighborhood cafes that sells waffles. Worth a try! Mrs Eio will be back to try their toast soon. Stay tune…

Address: Blk 915 tampines st 91 #01-49. S520915. 

Cafe Hopping, Food

McCafe delights

Mrs Eio is not promoting Mac Donald’s here but she has to blog about her pleasant encounters with a McCafe staff at the Mac Donald’s outlet located at Tampines St 32. 

During one of Mrs Eio’s recent visit to this mac outlet, she ordered a take-away latte (in case she can’t finish the coffee as she’s in a rush) & a “have it here” muffin. The outlet wasn’t crowded. Hence, this barista asked Mrs Eio to take a seat & offered to serve the Latte & muffin right to her table! That’s very nice of her… When Mrs Eio “received” her Latte & muffin, these were what she had gotten. 

   Ain’t these lovely. Mrs Eio don’t think many baristas will bother to “decorate” the Latte for take-away. But this barista makes an effort to do so. Look at the cream beside the muffin!

Mrs Eio was back to this outlet again few days later. She ordered a Latte & muffin again but this time she’s “having them here”. 

Nice Latte Art. The barista even decorated the plate for serving muffin. Well done! 

This is the barista that Mrs Eio is referring to (see photo below). A Lovely lady who takes pride in her job & Mrs Eio could see that she’s willing to go the extra miles to serve the customer. 

The latte tasted pretty good even though Mrs Eio asked for low fat milk. It’s less creamy, lighter in terms of its body but definitely good enough to perk up Mrs Eio’s day. 

It’s a delight to have such an encounter at a neighborhood Mac Donald’s cafe outlet.