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Fried organic tri-color quinoa 

三色小小米,百吃不腻!Fried organic tri-color quinoa with olive veg, eggs & fish cake. 

Last min quick preparation with El aft she’s home from school, as the stew ain’t ready for lunch… my little helper helps to crack & beat the eggs. Fried quinoa done in less than 15 min. 😜

Check out Mrs Eio’s previous post on how to cook tricolor quinoa: 

Cooking Tri-Colour Quinoa | I am Mrs Eio

Unlike rice, quinoa can be frozen without losing its taste & texture. Mrs Eio’s back-up plans for any 2 meals for these 2 weeks. Save time & energy. 😅

Mrs Eio prefers the taste & texture of tricolor quinoa. Quinoa is high in protein & fiber. Try it! You can get quinoa in our supermarkets. Mrs Eio got her organic tricolour quinoa from The Bento People.

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Quinoa~ An alternative to having rice or noodles…

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Mrs Eio’s new toy – Philips pressure cooker (6 litres) 

After dreaming about having a pressure cooker for nearly a year… Mrs Eio finally bought her new toy – Philips pressure cooker. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Before having this pressure cooker, Mrs Eio used her multi-purpose rice cooker to cook beef stew. She’ll start cooking in the morning & leave it in the rice cooker (“keep warm” mode) so that the beef briskets will be soft & ready to eat by dinner time. 

With Philips pressure cooker, Mrs Eio is amazed that the beef stew is ready to eat in less than an hour! 

First, Mrs Eio used “bake -> vegetable” mode (5 min) to just cook the beef briskets. After this, she adds the vegetables & seasoning, & set the pressure cooker to “stew” mode (30 min). Do note that before the pressure cooker starts cooking for 30 min, it’ll take about 10 min to build up pressure in the pot. So all in all, it’ll take about 45-50 min to cook the stew. Nevertheless, it’s still more energy efficient & time-saving as compared to cooking stew in the rice cooker. 

For best result, to thicken the stew & simmer the vegetables & beef briskets, its best eaten after the stew is left in “warm mode” after an hour or so. 

Just a word of caution when the cooking is done, it’s important to release the pressure before opening the cover! Release the pressure carefully as the steam & some water (minimum) will shoot out from vent.

Mrs Eio loves her new toy as it helps her save lots of time for meal preparations. Eio kids can look forward to more different kinds of stews & soup with help of the pressure cooker & they can now have both beef stew & rice at the same time. 😄

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Couple Staycation @ BIG Hotel

Mr & Mrs Eio had a 3d2n couple staycation at BIG Hotel. The room for BIG hotel is really small (smaller than the size of the Eio’s master bedroom..) but it’s fine for them as they probably won’t be staying in the room all the time. 

Why Eios choose BIG Hotel?

  • Good location. Near malls & good food!
  • Explore Bugis area
  • Value for $ (whatever essentials Mrs Eio needs for a getaway)
  • There’s hot & cold water dispenser outside their room.
  • Free Wifi
  • TV in room with some free movies
  • Eios drove there. There’s a carpark at the hotel $12 per day (per 24 hours). Some boutique hotels don’t have a carpark.
  • This couple just desperately need a getaway & a place to zzz!!! As simple as that! 

Small shower area… Anyway it serves it’s purpose. Even if there’s a bath tub in the bathroom, the Eios will never use it. This is good enough. 

Work station. 

The basin is really tiny but there’s really no need for gigantic ones. Lol. 

Not much view from their room but at least they can see MBS! 😁  

Frankly speaking, there’s really no need to order breakfast from the hotel as there’s many good food, malls, cafes & restaurants nearby (within 5-10 min walk). 

These are some places Eios went for their meals. One of the food that Eios craved for is Bak kut teh! 

1st stop for the Eios: Ah Seng bak Kut teh @ 492 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188737. (10 min walk from hotel). There are many yummy food in that area.   

The couple had an enriching time at the National Design Centre. (Just 5 min walk from the hotel)


Besides viewing the exhibits, the Eios had a great time chatting & discussing about their future. 

One of the afternoons, the Eios drove to Antoinette to try out their salted egg croissant. A must-do for Mrs Eio! 


Bugis junction & Bugis+ are just 5-10 min walk away. The Eios tried out the Ramen Champion & New Manlee bak kut teh @ Bugis+.   If you wanna take MRT, Bugis Mrt station is nearby. 

The Eios were spoilt for choices. There’s really not enough meals in their staycation for them to try out all the eateries nearby BIG hotel.   😅
Mrs Eio had to go to the hotel’s Gym to burn off the calories accumulated. As you can see, it’s a really small gym. 

 Some requests Eios made when they booked BIG hotel room are:

  1. High floor
  2. Quite room (need to clear their sleep debts) 
  3. Corner room if possible. 

Well… If you are looking for a value-for-money boutique hotel stay around bugis area, this could be a hotel you wanna consider. 🙂 

Check out their website:!home

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New Toy: OBLO (Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

Eios has a new toy. It’s name is OBLO. On offer, S$69.90 from Cold storage. Mr Eio decided to let Mrs Eio & Eio kids have their way this time. Thank you!


You can get the OBLO cum 6 capsules of the following for S$69.90. 

Before Mrs Eio & Eio kids start playing… There’s instruction manuel (picture form) on how to rinse OBLO with water before use. 


Ok… Time to feed OBLO some capsule. 🙂

For cuppucino, there’s 2 capsule. The coffee & milk. 


Eio kids trying out!


Mrs Eio should have put in the milk capsule fist before the coffee capsule but she didn’t. 


She did it the other way round. So the colour of the cuppucino is reversed. Lol. 


Mrs Eio bought the following 2 type of capsules. So far, Cortado is Rich & “got kick”. Kind of bitter without sugar. Suitable to have it in the morning to perk up the day before work! 


 Yes. Mrs Eio’s cuppa this morning. The only minus point for OBLO is that it doesn’t have water indicator. Meaning you have to put the right amount of water in the water tank to make coffee. The machine doesn’t automatically stop when your coffee is done. If you add too much water into the water tank, all the best! Your cup will either overflow or you will have very diluted cuppa. 

This is nothing to worry about for Mrs Eio as she has metal measuring cups at home! Heehee. She has done some basic marking on the water tank. So for one capsule coffee, just add in the right amount of water into the tank before making coffee. For 2capsule coffee, she has to use her measuring cup to “collect” the right amount of “liquid” from the first capsule. Then pour it into the cup. Second capsule “liquid” can go straight into the cup containing the 1st capsule’s “liquid”… Done!! There’s ways to work around this problem. 

Well… $ 69.90 for all the excitement & having another option to have a decent cuppa in the morning. Why not? 

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Eios combating haze

Mrs Eio has been moody since the September school holidays as her surrounding has been hazy since then. 

Today’s psi is above 200 most of the time. Eios are surviving thus far as Mrs Eio is more prepared this time round. These are the stuff Mrs Eio has or does at home for Eio’s well-being…

1) N95 mask.: Watsons & guardian pharmacies are selling $50 per box (right) or $7.90 for 3 (left). Needless to say, to filter out haze particles. 

2) Eye drop: something Mrs Eio needs on non hazy days. Now she needs them even more. Refresh plus eye drop. Why Refresh brand? Simply because it’s preservative free. 🙂

3) Air conditioner: Really don’t wanna switch this on… But no choice. Hope Mr Eio won’t be too alarmed when he sees the electricity bill next month. 

4) Honeywell Air purifier: Mrs Eio tried 2 other brands (sharp & delonghi) before finally stick with Honeywell. Make sure your air purifier has hepa filter. 
5) Humidifier: After having aircon & air purifier on for hours at home, you will realize the air is really very very dry. So Mrs Eio got herself a ultrasonic humidifier. For beauty & comfort (so her eyes & skin will not be so dry. ) 


6) Dottera essential oil: Mrs Eio diffuse this oil into the air & also dilute it & apply the diluted oil on Eio kids’ sole & chest. It’s certified pure therapeutic grade. Try it! 

7) Fruits & vegetables: To boost our immune system. Mrs Eio loves grapefruits juice, lemon (slicing it in drinking water) & blueberries (adding them to yogurts). 

8) Supplements: Now is the time we truly need vitamins to boost our immune system. Mrs Eio has been taking Brands Berry Essence when she feels unwell. Eio kids drink this too. 


9) Herbs: Especially chrysenthemum & wild ginseng roots. Mrs Eio added wolfberries too. Eio kids are very much at home these days due to the haze. Hence there’s no time for Mrs Eio to brew herbal tea. (Probably this weekend when Mr Eio is at home. ) These 3 herbs come in handy. Just rinse with hot water & soak them in boiling water in a teapot. Soon it’ll be ready for drinking. 

10) Indoor entertainment: Last but not least, books & toys to keep Eio kids & Mrs Eio occupied when they are indoor. 

Still praying that this haze will go away soonest!!!

Meanwhile, please take care…

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Mooncakes: Mr Bean & Snaffle’s 

Mooncake festival is round the corner. Eio’s has been great supporter of Goodwood Park Hotel mooncakes for many years. This year, she is trying out different mooncakes for various reasons… 

Firstly, El can eat mooncake now so Mrs Eio needs to source for dairy-free mooncakes. Secondly, it’s time for a change. Lol. 

Yes. Mr Bean’s traditional mooncakes are made of soy flour. White Lotus is (2pcs@$19.80) and White Lotus with Double Egg Yolk is (2pcs@$21.80). 

Mrs Eio think they tastes pretty good. The crust doesn’t crack & crumbles when she cuts the mooncakes. There’s some nuts in the lotus paste which enhance the taste. 

Not to mention, Eio kids get the Mr bean lanterns… 


Mrs Eio comes across the Snaffle’s mooncakes at Bedok mall B2 & decides to give it a try. She remembers seeing it selling at a lower price Qoo10 ($21.90 as of today) so she purchased the e-ticket before getting her mooncake from the shop.   

The packaging is really pretty. It sure looks nice as gifts… but only for those who love cheesy stuff. 

Mrs Eio is very impressed with the packaging. She purchased the green tea & coconut flavoured mooncakes. 

The staff at Snaffle’s advised Mrs Eio to thaw the mooncakes for 3 hours before consumption but Mrs Eio starts cutting the mooncakes after thawing it for 1 hour. 

Since they are not totally thawed, the mooncake tastes a little like icecream cheese mooncakes (with matcha & coconut flavours). 

After eating the thawed ones, frankly speaking, Mrs Eio prefers the frozen ones because they taste less cheesy. Nevertheless, it’s really something different from the usual traditional or bing pi (snow skin) mooncake. If you like cheesy stuff, then try it!! 

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Milkcow ice-cream

Milk cow is having a promotion at changi city point. The 2nd ice-cream is going at 50% discount (the lower price of the 2 icecream). Valid period: 12-14 September 2015. Price for icecreams are from $4.90 onwards. 

Mrs Eio is saw this promo & decided to give the Eio kids a treat today. 

Milkcow originated from Seoul, South Korea & their icecreams are supposedly 100% natural, and organic. Mrs Eio tried M1 (original ) & M2 with honey topping. 

Sad to say El can’t take milk products. Hence, she shall have an icecream cone at 40 cents. 

 The icecream is soft & melts rather quickly. It’s refreshing & somehow the milk taste different. Similar to the Hokkaido icecream but not exactly the same. 
 MilkCow has 8 outlet in SINGAPORE. For more information, visit their FB at

Moo moo moo…