Animal-Milk-Protein Free, Dairy-free, Food

Cocoloco coconut ice-cream

Mrs Eio is always searching for dairy free food products, especially ice cream & sweet treats for El. 

She chanced upon this pop-up stall selling dairy free coconut ice-cream at the entrance of Cold storage @ Tampines one basement 1. The ice-cream is selling at S$4 for soft serve in a plastic container (1 topping) or S$5 for a slightly bigger portion served in a coconut husk. 

The seller will cover the ice cream for takeaway. 

Taste: pretty refreshing. There’s some coconut bits in the ice-cream (not toppings). 

It’s wonderful to find another dairy free ice cream option for El but their price is on the high side for a pretty small serving. 

Nevertheless, if El can only eat dirty free ice cream, there isn’t much options available too. 😉


青龙菜 Green dragon vegetable

Mrs Eio wasn’t able to blog in April as she’s having a “prolonged” conjunctivitis. Now that she’s much better, introducing Green dragon vegetable.

After eating this vegetable at their friend’s place, Eios simply love it so much. However, this is not easily available. Mrs Eio bought it from the Fairprice supermarket near her home. 

Green dragon vegetable aka Qing long cai, resembles spring onion. 

Wash & cut. Mrs Eio decided to stir fry it with mushroom & carrot. 

Add some salt & pepper to taste. Add some cornstarch water to improve its texture. 

Ready to serve!