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East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

Craving for Chinese Cuisine, Mr & Mrs Eio had their lunch at East Ocean Teochew restaurant (Takashimaya level 5). 

 The fried beancurd roll with shrimp paste is crispy & the prawn is crunchy. Dip it with the black sour sauce to enhance its flavour.  
Claypot fried beancurd & fish maw. Mrs Eio loves the sauce, especially mixing it with her rice. It’ll be better to cook the fish maw longer so that it will be softer after absorbing all the flavour from the sauce. 


The stir fried beef cubes with capsicums are tender & juicy. 


The soup of the day is flavorful but a little fishy. Think it’s due to the fresh water fish used to double boil the soup. 

Dessert, taro (yam) paste with ginkgo nuts is simply yummy. How can one miss this Teochew dessert in a Teochew restaurant? The serving is small though. Well… It makes you crave for more.   

The service East Ocean is excellent. The Aunty (waitress) serves them Tie Guan Yin tea before & after their meals. This is on top of the jasmine tea that Mrs Eio ordered together with the dishes. The price is considerably high but the food taste great. 
For more info, visit their website:

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Mooncakes: Mr Bean & Snaffle’s 

Mooncake festival is round the corner. Eio’s has been great supporter of Goodwood Park Hotel mooncakes for many years. This year, she is trying out different mooncakes for various reasons… 

Firstly, El can eat mooncake now so Mrs Eio needs to source for dairy-free mooncakes. Secondly, it’s time for a change. Lol. 

Yes. Mr Bean’s traditional mooncakes are made of soy flour. White Lotus is (2pcs@$19.80) and White Lotus with Double Egg Yolk is (2pcs@$21.80). 

Mrs Eio think they tastes pretty good. The crust doesn’t crack & crumbles when she cuts the mooncakes. There’s some nuts in the lotus paste which enhance the taste. 

Not to mention, Eio kids get the Mr bean lanterns… 


Mrs Eio comes across the Snaffle’s mooncakes at Bedok mall B2 & decides to give it a try. She remembers seeing it selling at a lower price Qoo10 ($21.90 as of today) so she purchased the e-ticket before getting her mooncake from the shop.   

The packaging is really pretty. It sure looks nice as gifts… but only for those who love cheesy stuff. 

Mrs Eio is very impressed with the packaging. She purchased the green tea & coconut flavoured mooncakes. 

The staff at Snaffle’s advised Mrs Eio to thaw the mooncakes for 3 hours before consumption but Mrs Eio starts cutting the mooncakes after thawing it for 1 hour. 

Since they are not totally thawed, the mooncake tastes a little like icecream cheese mooncakes (with matcha & coconut flavours). 

After eating the thawed ones, frankly speaking, Mrs Eio prefers the frozen ones because they taste less cheesy. Nevertheless, it’s really something different from the usual traditional or bing pi (snow skin) mooncake. If you like cheesy stuff, then try it!! 

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To-Gather Cafe

Eios has been to this cafe many times. Eio kids like to visit To-gather & sometimes it’s for their couples time. 

To-gather’s food is good & price-wise quite decent for a cafe. Eios’ at To-gather again for their Sunday lunch. 

Mushroom soup. A “MUST-order” soup for Em when he visits restaurants or cafes. His favorite!


Mrs Eio likes their coffee. Err… Hope the cup can be bigger. Lol. 


Seafood Aglio olio. Eio kids love speghetti. This is spicy but since they were hungry, it’s a good opportunity to push their ability to tahan (endure) spicy food further. 


Hungry guys…

Very very hungry girl…


Long queue…

Eliz kept saying,” it’s very hot…” But she just continued eating.


And drinking water…

Eio kids “all-time-favorite”- French fries. Think Eliz really loves the speghetti. She’s using the fries to scoop it into her mouth. If she didn’t like it, she would not eat it at all after having an alternative. 


Chicken chop. The sauce on the chicken has a strong pineapple taste. Not sure if you agree with Mrs Eio. She prefers saltish sauce for chicken chop instead of a sweet citrus taste. Salad & the dressing are good. Fries… Are fries lor. Crispy. Heehee.   

First time ordering the matcha lava cake. Mrs Eio is kind of disappointed as it’s really too sweet. 

There’s no doubt Mrs Eio will visit To-gather cafe again as some of her activities revolve around that area. Seems like they are taking in reservations these days. If you are keen to visit, their address & website are as follows…


84 Bedok North Street 4

# 01-25 / 27, Singapore 460084

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Bosch experience with chef John See (part 3-dessert)

Chef John See is trained in French cuisine. Hence we can see from all these dishes that  he’s very particular with the presentation. Every dish is like an art form. Rich, colorful & pretty. Of course, very nutritious too! Below are the ingredients for making this refreshing & pretty dessert. 

Dessert: Chilled melon soup with avocado & assorted berry.



2 white dragon fruits

4 avocado

4 gooseberry

1 cup fresh blueberry

1 cup strawberry  
 Melon mix:

1 Rock melon

2 cup Ice cube

1cup fresh raspberry

  1) Combine the melon mix ingredient together in a Bosch blender, puree the ice & melon to fine. Set in the fridge & stir before serve.

2) Place one of the dragon fruit halves into a soup plate & nicely place all the fruit balls & berry onto it. Then, pour the chilled melon soup into the soup plate as shown.

Done! So pretty right?  


Putting the same dessert in different bowls give it a different feel…

 With the 3 “H” (haze/ hot & humid) in Singapore, Mrs Eio will strongly recommend this dessert for everyone. Have a blessed & restful weekend!