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Cedele (Paragon)

Mrs Eio had her brunch at Cedele at paragon. 

She ordered her cuppa as usual. 

Beef sandwich with salad was good. The prune sauce in the burger fits well. The beef patty is juicy. The ciabatta bread was toasted so it gave the sandwich an extra crunch. The salad dressing is very uplifting & refreshing. 

Mrs Eio ordered Cedele’s full work’s breakfast. The poached eggs ate well done. You can asked for them to be done differently. She appreciated that they offered 2 different kinds of sliced bread with butter & jam. 

Mrs Eio is glad to see Soy milk beverages. One more restaurant option for El. 


For more info, visit their website:



290 Orchard Road

#01-20A Paragon

Singapore 238859

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East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

Craving for Chinese Cuisine, Mr & Mrs Eio had their lunch at East Ocean Teochew restaurant (Takashimaya level 5). 

 The fried beancurd roll with shrimp paste is crispy & the prawn is crunchy. Dip it with the black sour sauce to enhance its flavour.  
Claypot fried beancurd & fish maw. Mrs Eio loves the sauce, especially mixing it with her rice. It’ll be better to cook the fish maw longer so that it will be softer after absorbing all the flavour from the sauce. 


The stir fried beef cubes with capsicums are tender & juicy. 


The soup of the day is flavorful but a little fishy. Think it’s due to the fresh water fish used to double boil the soup. 

Dessert, taro (yam) paste with ginkgo nuts is simply yummy. How can one miss this Teochew dessert in a Teochew restaurant? The serving is small though. Well… It makes you crave for more.   

The service East Ocean is excellent. The Aunty (waitress) serves them Tie Guan Yin tea before & after their meals. This is on top of the jasmine tea that Mrs Eio ordered together with the dishes. The price is considerably high but the food taste great. 
For more info, visit their website:


London Fat Duck

Mrs Eio chanced upon London Fat duck at Scotts Square #B1-16/17 when she’s shopping along Orchard Road one weekend.   
There’s along queue of people waiting outsie the restaurant for their takeaway. Mrs Eio was glad there’s a table for them to grab a quick dinner. 

She ordered duck rice & Char Siew noodles. 

The duck meat is really fat. Look at the roasted skin & the thick layer of fats under it. Tasty & juicy. 

Err… But Mrs Eio loves the Char Siew noodles more than the duck rice. The noodles is bouncy & chewy. Char Siew is juicy & coated with tasty sauce, well barbecued. She just loves the flavourful soup that comes along with it. 

The rice & noodles are $7.80 each (before surcharges). Restaurant is rather crowded on a weekend. Worth trying if you like roasted meat. 

For more info, visit their website:

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Paul (Paragon) 

Mr & Mrs Eio were at Paul (paragon) for their breakfast.    
They ordered latte, sunny side up & omelette. The price for their breakfast was decent as compared to having it in the hotel they were staying. 

Nice coffee. Not too acidic nor bitter. Great way to start their morning together. 🙂

The toasts were crispy & nutty. Mrs Eio’s glad that the sausages weren’t too salty. The tomato was a bit soggy though (as you can see).    

Not forgetting there’s a wide selection of pastries for takeaway at their counter. 

After all, it’s the companion that matters the most. Cosy place to enjoy breakfast along orchard road, nice chat with her beloved & great opportunity for them to chew slowly on every bite without having to rush or take care of Eio kids. 

For more info, visit Paul Singapore Facebook @

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2am: dessert bar

Mrs Eio wanted to visit 2am: dessert bar for quite some time. Winning these 2 vouchers in a Facebook contest gave her the extra push to travel all the way to holland village to enjoy her cuppa & dessert in this cool cafe/ dessert bar by Chef Janice Wong. 

2am: dessert bar is located at level 2. 

Mr & Mrs Eio were there around 3pm. It wasn’t crowded. 

Mrs Eio ordered Chocolate Licorice & The Cuppucino. 

Mrs Eio likes the chocolate icecream with taste of herbs. 

The melon disc (below) is refreshing. It goes well with hazelnuts. 

Our cuppas from the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. 

Mrs Eio don’t wanna miss her chance to try out their waffles for S$18 (excluding other charges). 

If you loves chocolate, try their 2am: Fonffle-  70 per cent chocolate fondant waffle with blood orange sorbet. The waffle is crispy on the outside. Fluffy & very soft on the inside. Mrs Eio will say it’s much softer than the waffles she has eaten in other cafes. The sorbet is absolutely necessary. Just when you are about to be overwhelmed be the chocolate sauce, the sorbet gives a refreshing & up-lifting taste. A contrast to the chocolaty sweetness. 

A dessert bar / cafe for people who really knows how to appreciate deserts & see it as an art-form. The food are considered pricey unless you can truly appreciate it. Mr Eio gobbles up the desserts so not much comments from him. Lol. 

For more info, visit their website:


Xing Ji Ba Chor Mee (minced meat noodles) 

One of the comfort food that Mrs Eio is thankful that it exist in this world is Xing Ji Ba Chor mee from Blk 85 Bedok north Street 4. #01-07. (Not other outlets. )

If mr Eio goes to Blk 85 market to packet minced meat noddles but Xing ji is closed & he buys noodles from another stall. Mrs Eio will know it immediately after tasting the soup. It’s just not the same!!!

Mrs Eio must must must eat the noodles with red cut Chilli. The noodles are bouncy & Mrs Eio loves the saltish taste from the soup. Fragrance that comes from the sweetness of the meat. Chewy meat balls. 

Go for the s$3 bug bowl to make your trip worthwhile. S$2.50 for small eater. 🙂

If you love BCM (Ba Chor mee). Try Xing ji at Blk 85 market (Bedok north). 

Their website:

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Fun at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Finally, Eios at Changi airport terminal 3 Star Wars photo taking. 


Eio kids choose their costume & pose for the camera. 


The plane can only hold up to 100 kg. Em’s very excited to get into the plane though it’s just for 1-2 min. 


You will receive a hard copy of the photograph after the photo shoot. 

After changing out of the costume…   

The display is till 5th jan 2016. You may enlarge the photo below to check out the photo taking schedule, as well as the terms & conditions. 

After photo taking, Em enjoyed this free slide ride at basement 2. It’s about 2 story high. The queue was not long that day. The children must be above 1.1metres. So El didn’t get to enjoy this slide ride. 


It’s very much self automated. There’s only one staff mending this slide.     

Em on the move!!

Parents can walk down the staircase to “fetch” your child or they can just simply walk up on their own. There’s another 4 stories high slide but the child must be more than 1.3m & above 7 years old to take the ride. It’s tougher for parents to “fetch” their children after they slide down as the child need to walk up the staircase & take a lift from basement to level 2 after sliding down. 

The slide is just beside the playground. El continued with her play while em enjoyed the slide.  

The children can do colouring  at basement 2 too. This area is just next to the water fountain. Food court & many food stalls are also at basement 2. Its really convenient. 

In Singapore, Changi airport is not just a place to board the plane or touch down from other countries. It’s also a hub with many activites. A place for leisure & fun. 

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Story behind Em’s song “Thank you God for everything”

Past few weeks were long & busy. One of the nights was punctuated by Em spilling his full glass of milk on his table all the way to the floor & piano. Mr Eio was working OT. This happened when Mrs Eio was bathing El. Hoping to chase Eio kids to bed asap. Em’s pyjamas was wet. Milk was everywhere. When the Eios had a helper, this probably won’t be so frustrating. But now everything’s diy. Mrs Eio was speechless.

Em kept apologizing that he spilt his milk accidentally. Well… Em just swam a few laps during his swimming lesson that evening so Mrs Eio tried to control all her emotions as she cleared up the mess… But looking at the extent of the spillage, Mrs Eio had to bite her tongue real tight. Well… It’s worth it!

Eio kids has been running after Mrs Eio to read bedtime Bible stories with them every night. Frankly, by the time Eio kids are about to go to bed, Mrs Eio is absolutely “low battery”. Sometime, Mrs Eio hope to skip it all together. That particular night, she read the story of Abraham to Eio kids.  Eio kids gave thanks to God. Em prayed to Jesus to chase the rain away that afternoon as he wanted to have his swimming lesson. True enough, the dark clouds went away & it didn’t rain that evening. So em could have his swimming lesson. After the kids gave thanks to God, em sang this…

 Thank you God for Everything

 Thank you God for a butterfly

Thank you God for everything

Thank you God for the land & the sea

Thank you God for everything

Thank you God for a beautiful tree

Thank you God for everything

Thank you God for fish that swim

Thank you God for everything

Everyone is so happy &

God created you & me.

Link to the song that em sang is attached below:

Mrs Eio thought em learnt this song in the Sunday school but he said no… Em said,”these words just came into my head.” Mrs Eio googled & can’t find a song with similar tune & lyrics. Interesting… Once in awhile, em will blurt out songs like this.
Mrs Eio wondered if she had just burst out in anger & scolded Em when he spilt his milk. Will he still has a heart of thanksgiving & worship? He’ll probably be crying non-stop just before bedtime & the frustration & drama could overspill to Mr Eio who was home late that night.

Mrs Eio was glad that she exercised some self-control. Oh wells… This is life.