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Eios combating haze

Mrs Eio has been moody since the September school holidays as her surrounding has been hazy since then. 

Today’s psi is above 200 most of the time. Eios are surviving thus far as Mrs Eio is more prepared this time round. These are the stuff Mrs Eio has or does at home for Eio’s well-being…

1) N95 mask.: Watsons & guardian pharmacies are selling $50 per box (right) or $7.90 for 3 (left). Needless to say, to filter out haze particles. 

2) Eye drop: something Mrs Eio needs on non hazy days. Now she needs them even more. Refresh plus eye drop. Why Refresh brand? Simply because it’s preservative free. 🙂

3) Air conditioner: Really don’t wanna switch this on… But no choice. Hope Mr Eio won’t be too alarmed when he sees the electricity bill next month. 

4) Honeywell Air purifier: Mrs Eio tried 2 other brands (sharp & delonghi) before finally stick with Honeywell. Make sure your air purifier has hepa filter. 
5) Humidifier: After having aircon & air purifier on for hours at home, you will realize the air is really very very dry. So Mrs Eio got herself a ultrasonic humidifier. For beauty & comfort (so her eyes & skin will not be so dry. ) 


6) Dottera essential oil: Mrs Eio diffuse this oil into the air & also dilute it & apply the diluted oil on Eio kids’ sole & chest. It’s certified pure therapeutic grade. Try it! 

7) Fruits & vegetables: To boost our immune system. Mrs Eio loves grapefruits juice, lemon (slicing it in drinking water) & blueberries (adding them to yogurts). 

8) Supplements: Now is the time we truly need vitamins to boost our immune system. Mrs Eio has been taking Brands Berry Essence when she feels unwell. Eio kids drink this too. 


9) Herbs: Especially chrysenthemum & wild ginseng roots. Mrs Eio added wolfberries too. Eio kids are very much at home these days due to the haze. Hence there’s no time for Mrs Eio to brew herbal tea. (Probably this weekend when Mr Eio is at home. ) These 3 herbs come in handy. Just rinse with hot water & soak them in boiling water in a teapot. Soon it’ll be ready for drinking. 

10) Indoor entertainment: Last but not least, books & toys to keep Eio kids & Mrs Eio occupied when they are indoor. 

Still praying that this haze will go away soonest!!!

Meanwhile, please take care…


~烟霾~ The haze






减少lim kopi☕️




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Mooncakes: Mr Bean & Snaffle’s 

Mooncake festival is round the corner. Eio’s has been great supporter of Goodwood Park Hotel mooncakes for many years. This year, she is trying out different mooncakes for various reasons… 

Firstly, El can eat mooncake now so Mrs Eio needs to source for dairy-free mooncakes. Secondly, it’s time for a change. Lol. 

Yes. Mr Bean’s traditional mooncakes are made of soy flour. White Lotus is (2pcs@$19.80) and White Lotus with Double Egg Yolk is (2pcs@$21.80). 

Mrs Eio think they tastes pretty good. The crust doesn’t crack & crumbles when she cuts the mooncakes. There’s some nuts in the lotus paste which enhance the taste. 

Not to mention, Eio kids get the Mr bean lanterns… 


Mrs Eio comes across the Snaffle’s mooncakes at Bedok mall B2 & decides to give it a try. She remembers seeing it selling at a lower price Qoo10 ($21.90 as of today) so she purchased the e-ticket before getting her mooncake from the shop.   

The packaging is really pretty. It sure looks nice as gifts… but only for those who love cheesy stuff. 

Mrs Eio is very impressed with the packaging. She purchased the green tea & coconut flavoured mooncakes. 

The staff at Snaffle’s advised Mrs Eio to thaw the mooncakes for 3 hours before consumption but Mrs Eio starts cutting the mooncakes after thawing it for 1 hour. 

Since they are not totally thawed, the mooncake tastes a little like icecream cheese mooncakes (with matcha & coconut flavours). 

After eating the thawed ones, frankly speaking, Mrs Eio prefers the frozen ones because they taste less cheesy. Nevertheless, it’s really something different from the usual traditional or bing pi (snow skin) mooncake. If you like cheesy stuff, then try it!! 

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Eio’s popcorns

No dairy products for El so Mrs Eio can’t use butter for their popcorns. It’s not the 1st time Eio kids are requesting to make their own popcorns. Mrs Eio has already bought a packet of dried corns. Well… Let’s pop some corns & enjoy it while watching F1 race on TV! 

Half a cup of dried corns. (Yielding about 2 big soup bowls of popcorns )


Heat up a pan. Mrs Eio uses olive oil as El can’t eat butter. 

Once the oil heats up, pour in the dried corns.   

Please make sure the frying pan is covered. Otherwise the corns will be popping everywhere!!


Mrs Eio prefers sweet& salty popcorns. So she adds about 1/3 teaspoon of salt & 2 teaspoon of sugar to the popcorn. 


From Mrs Eio’s experience, it’s better to add the salt & sugar after placing the popcorns into the serving bowls. Otherwise, the sugar might burn in the hot pan. Toss the popcorn after adding the salt & sugar. 


Please don’t judge the popcorn by its colour. It taste really good. Please view video below. Our excitement to see corns popping!!

You can control the amount of oil, salt & sugar added if you make your own popcorns. So why not POP it & enjoy…


Em’s letter to Mrs Eio 

Mrs Eio is happy & sad at the same time. Em has been writing tonnes of letters to Mrs Eio for the past few months. Mrs Eio has taught Em to write cards for his friends. Nevertheless, all these started off as Em made Mrs Eio really angry one day so Mr Eio advised him to write a card for Mrs Eio to apologize to her. Soon, Mrs Eio has been receiving cards every morning. Followed by letters… Longer letters… These few days, Em has been making & writing “muti-pages” card (almost like a book with page number) to Mrs Eio. He even makes an envelope for his card. This is one of it…
Em used recycled card board found in our church’s anniversary Tshirts wrapper as the “recyclable paper” sign looks like a stamp. 
When Mrs Eio read the letter, she must make sure there’s an obvious sign of opening the letter. Otherwise, Em will ask her why she didn’t read the letter…


SG50… That’s how much he loves Singapore.   

Well… Mrs Eio is happy as there’s this channel that Em can communicate with her & express himself. However, she’s sad & disturbed as she’s receiving it every morning. Is she an angry mommy in Em’s eyes???


Em’s promise to be kind to Mrs Eio. How much he loved her. Hope Em will still remember how much he loves Mrs Eio when he grows up & has a girlfriend or after getting married. Lol. 
Em usually make these cards early in the morning while waiting for Mrs Eio & El to wake up. So… He wrote “see you later”. So looking forward to see his mommy! 


Deeply touched… After receiving Em’s letters for some time, Mrs Eio is quite sure He did not write all the letters to apologies. It’s a way to express his love for Mrs Eio. 

Sweet lovely boy. It’s time for Mrs Eio to write letters to Em. 

“To my dearest son, with ❤️.”

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Wheeler’s Yard for El’s birthday

Experience drinking your cuppa or having a meal in an industrial warehouse. Wheeler’s yard- a bicycle-themed cafe. 

One will not miss the cool blue front gate when you visit Wheeler’s Yard. Mrs Eio is sure many people will take photos in front of it so did Eio kids & herself. 


Mrs Eio is hoping to visit this cafe for quite some time. Eios finally got a chance to do so & celebrate El’s birthday at Wheeler’s yard. 

Inside the cafe… Helmets, bicycles, bicycle parts (with labels) …   


Have you ever place a bicycke on your dining table? How about placing 2-3 at the same time. Lol. 


Counter to order food. Self-service. Eios arrived early that day. Many people came after Eios ordered their food. Phew… Eio kids were very hungry. At least, They have to wait too long for their lunch.  
There’s a number of big table so one can have gatherings & short meetings in this cafe. 

 Em fascinated by the bicycle parts….   

The food are nice. Prawn Aglio Olio is tasty & not too salty. 

Mrs Eio & Eio kids love the truffle fries! Smells Good. Mr Eio goes for the Hanger’s steak. The portion is quite big. The mushroom sauce for the beef is impressive.     

You can see the mushrooms in the sauce. 


Yard’s Chicken burger. Mrs Eio likes their hamburger bun as its toasted. The meat patty is minced, not chicken fillet or whole piece of chicken breast. 


Lovely Miss El Eio…


Celebrating El’s birthday makes Mrs Eio teary… People who knows what Eios’ been through the past years can testify on God’s grace in this little girl’s life. Mrs Eio is so thankful that El is growing well now & she looks just like any other children of her age in terms of size right? 

Blessed birthday to El. 👏👏👏


Mrs Eio quite like their waffles. The taste, texture & thickness are good but it’s abit cold (probably due to aircon or the icecream) when they serve this dessert. 

One can either opt to dine in the aircon area or outdoor near the warehouse that Wheeler’s Yard is selling bicycles & accessories. 

An inspiration from them on how to do planting at Mrs Eio’s front balcony. 

Bicycle “carriage” behind or in front. Guess the price???


Eio kids get to sit on these barber chairs that exist since their great grandfather’s time.     

Busy Mr Eio… While Mrs Eio & Eio kids are exploring…

This is a cafe Mrs Eio won’t mind revisiting. If you love bicycles, old school & vintage stuff… this is probably a place you wanna drop by.

Don’t say Mrs Eio never warn you… If you are driving there, beware of “summon aunties”. Hee hee…

For more information, visit their website:

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Learning journey to NEWater Visitor Centre

Em has been telling Mrs Eio that the Earth is sick & we need to save water. He attempted to draw Water wally so Mrs Eio decided it’s time for Eios to go for a learning journey to NEWater Visitor Centre. 

Eios made an online tour booking prior to their learning journey this morning. You may refer to the link below
There isn’t many visitors at the centre this morning. Probably due to the announcement of polling results late last night. 

Our NEWater journey starts off with a video screening. 


There’s a Q&A session by our NEWater guide & Eios kids win themselves 2 shower caps for answering the questions correctly. Lol. 

We proceed to the interactive area & Eio kids are thrilled to get hands-on with the touch-screen games & e-lessons. 

Row row row your boat… Em’s steering the “boat”! Our River expedition.


Interactive screen to find out more about Singapore’s water sources.  


Peep into the holes to learn more…

Wonderful. Recap of what Mrs Eio had taught Em earlier on. Check out Mrs Eio’s earlier post on “Em & Science (Solid-liquid-gas) | I am Mrs Eio”


Mr Eio totally excited with what he sees. 😃

How can Mrs Eio play her part in saving water? Use water efficient products… Reuse water… Many more…


Our NEWater guide shares that on the average, each person only needs to use 50 litres of water per day but the actual fact is on the average every Singaporean is using 152 litres of water per day. This is alarming!  We need to reuse, reduce & recycle water. 


Press the buttons to find out how much water is needed to produce certain items. 


Innovative ideas. Using pipe in their decor & presentation.   

Entering into Singapore’s award-winning deep tunnel sewerage system – DTSS. 

This is the actual size of DTSS. Amazing!!


Em’s asking our guide why there a blue light… Make a guess?  

NEWater under our feet!   


Turning used water to clean water- the NEWater’s story. 

The Seletar NEWater plant is no longer in operation. Singapore’s left with 4 NEWater plants. 


Learning about the NEWater process…


Seeing the actual machines & treatment plants. 


The membranes are cleaned regularly & changed every 5 years. 

Be impressed with reverse osmosis. Well… A number of countries are also using RO to purify their used water but NEWater is uniquely Singapore’s. Why? There’s an additional step after the RO process. 


The membranes are very dense.  

The additional step is the NEWater undergoes UV Rays disinfection to ensure that NEWater is truly safe for consumption.  After this process, the NEWater is slightly acidic. Hence sodium hydroxide is added to neutralize it. 


95% of the NEWater is for industrial use as factories need not purify the water anymore as compared to them using tap water. RO water consists of only water molecules. Hence, NEWater is pure water.  5% is released to our reserviors for residential use.    

Kudos to staff working at the NEWater plants everyday. 

Feedback session for the trip…


Eio’s trip to the NEWater Visitor Center is truly enriching to herself. This tour is more suited for adults & secondary school students. Em could benefit as our guide try to accommodate us & simplify his explanation & there’s isn’t many visitor this morning. 

According to our guide, the NEWater visitor Centre does organize tour for preschool children (large group) & teach them more on water conservation etc. You can email them to find out more. 


Mr Eio is excited to see their big function room… I’m sure he’s exploring on some possibilities as usual. 

Eios has a fruitful morning. Em is very happy to have visited a NEWater plant. 


Love Singapore, love our resources. Save water. 


Shower cap from the NEWater guide & unpacking some of the stuff we have learnt today back at home. Hope Eios kids can remember what they have learnt & put them into practice. 

Mrs Eio would strongly encourage Singaporeans to make an online booking & visit NEWater visitor center to have a better idea what is this gem all about. Last but not least, admission is free!! Heehee. 


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Milkcow ice-cream

Milk cow is having a promotion at changi city point. The 2nd ice-cream is going at 50% discount (the lower price of the 2 icecream). Valid period: 12-14 September 2015. Price for icecreams are from $4.90 onwards. 

Mrs Eio is saw this promo & decided to give the Eio kids a treat today. 

Milkcow originated from Seoul, South Korea & their icecreams are supposedly 100% natural, and organic. Mrs Eio tried M1 (original ) & M2 with honey topping. 

Sad to say El can’t take milk products. Hence, she shall have an icecream cone at 40 cents. 

 The icecream is soft & melts rather quickly. It’s refreshing & somehow the milk taste different. Similar to the Hokkaido icecream but not exactly the same. 
 MilkCow has 8 outlet in SINGAPORE. For more information, visit their FB at

Moo moo moo…


Snack from Korea

This is the snack from Mrs Eio’s brother-in-law when he travels to Korea. It’s crunchy, spicy & taste superb. If anyone’s travelling to Korea, they should just try it & grab many packets home. It should be available at any large departmental stores (food section). Yummy!! Goes very well with beer & red wine…😜**wink wink**


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White fungus, Lily bulb dessert 

Polling day. Psi reading is 111 now on a hot Friday afternoon. It’s been at an unhealthy range & Mrs Eio is sure many people are having some form of respiratory issues these few days. Mrs Eio decided to prepare dessert that will moisten our lungs & strengthen our respiratory & immune system. For sanity & beauty too! Lol. 

White fungus lily bulb dessert. 

Ingredients  are as follows (the photo shows the type of ingredients. Not the quantity.) :

White fungus (1 big packet) 白木耳

Dried Lily bulbs (1.5 cup) 百合

Melon strips (3/4 cup) 冬瓜条

Wolfberry (3/4 cup) 枸杞子

Dried Lotus seed (1 .5cup)莲子

Dried Longan (1.5 -2 cup)桂圆

Red date (1 cup) 红枣

Gingko nuts (1.5 cup) 白果

Rock sugar 冰糖to taste. (Depending on the amount of longan & red date added. The more longan & red date, one should reduce the Rock sugar.) 

3.5 litres of water. (Serving about 15 people )水

  Soak the white fungi & remove the “stalk” (the hard & yellowish area before use). Rinse thoroughly. White fungus is high in collagen & well known for their ability to improve respiratory functions. Lily bulb is also beneficial to our respiratory system. Wolfberry- for our eyes… Despite the haze & hot weather, smooth skin & healthier lungs, here we come!!!

You may use fresh or canned gingko nuts. 

Mrs Eio is using her La gourmet magic cooker again. Safe time & energy. Bring the water to boil. Give all the dried ingredients a good rinse before adding them (except the rock sugar) into the pot of boiling water. Boil about 1o-15 min, put the inner metal pot into the magic cooker outer cast to let the ingredients continue to cook for at least 1-2 hours. Add rock sugar to taste before serving. 

The longer the ingredients remain in the pot (3-4 hours) the softer the lotus seed, lily bulb & white fungus. The soup will be slightly thickened. Yummy…

If you are “heaty”, having sorethroat etc, you may omit longan & red dates. Just use more rock sugar to taste. Alternatively, you can add barley to the soup.   

Eio kids’ drinking the dessert when Psi is 170. Try it out. For our sanity, lungs & beauty!!! Lol.