Food, Organic, Quinoa

1st time with Quinoa 

Mrs Eio’s 1st time cooking & eating Quinoa today. Read somewhere that the way to pronounce it is “keen-wah”. Wanted to try it because a TV program on channel 8 shared that it’s high in protein & nutritious. Btw, Quinoa is not cheap at all… Bought a packet of organic Quinoa months ago so better start cooking it. 😁 as you can see to cook quinoa, the quinoa to water ratio is 1:2. 

Mrs Eio is pleasantly surprised that quinoa smells like barley. It has a fluffy texture after cooking & not sticky like rice at all. (Despite its Chinese name is 小小米=tiny rice grain aka small-small-rice) lol. It’s chewy & nutty.   


Mrs Eio added gravy from her stir fried spinach & shitake mushroom. Well, Eio kids eats them all. Err… But they takes longer to chew.  


Well, whatever food Mrs Eio offers, Mr Eio & Eio kids just have to be thankful & EAT. Haha. 
Give us today the food we need, (‭Matthew‬ ‭6‬:‭11‬ NLT)

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