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Project Thanksgiving Tree & The Rock

The plastic corrugated boards had been sitting at a corners for 2 days. There’s a discount sale at Tampines Mall Popular store when Mrs Eio was there 2 days ago so she bought all the stationeries she needs for this project. She has been contemplating if she should buy some online stickers instead, but she simply can’t suppress the urge to DIY with the Eio Kids. Eio kids have been asking when they can start making their “thanksgiving tree” & the “rock of salvation”. Mrs Eio promised them today is the DAY! 

Our Tree & Rock will be on this wall. Before this, our thanksgiving corner is on the shoe cabinet. Quite pathetic…

Before we start work, we have a short briefing on that white piece of paper so Em knows what’s our overall plan. Well, El just wants to get started. There’s job distribution so they don’t fight over the same materials! Em is in charged of making the Thanksgiving Tree & El is in charge of doing the Rock. 


It’s not easy for Em to cut the corrugated board but Mrs Eio is well pleased with his effort.

El drew on the Rock on wrong board so she started crying. Ops…

There she goes on the right one. 👍

 Our Tree is ready.    
El was bored after some time while Em is still quite focused on his task. Mrs Eio decided to make full use of El’s strength. She’s task to peel the double-sided tape. Those of us who have the “honour” to be scratched & pinched by her, sure knows how powerful her tiny fingers are!!!


Living in a democratic country, we “voted” to decide how we should paste the rock. Mrs Eio thought she should display El’s drawing on the rock but after discussing with Eio kids, we garner 2.5 votes out of 3 voters & “pass the motion” display the other side of the rock so that we can write words on it. (El is undecided so hers is the 0.5 vote. Lol)

Our rock & grass are ready. Mrs Eio needs to trim the sharp points so they don’t injure Eio kids. 

Up up on the wall! 



Just when we thought we are done, Mrs Eio & Eio Kids decided to add some flowers. Em’s in charge of using a cup to draw circles & cutting them out. Mrs Eio maximises El’s gifting to peel double sided tape. 😁

Done, done! 

Then Em asked,” where’s the sun?”

Lol!! To be continue… 
◄ Jeremiah 17:8 ►

 (New International Version)

They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

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