Wang Yuan Fish Soup

Mrs Eio lamented that there’s no nice food at Tampines Central Community Complex – the most convenient place for her to have a decent lunch. 

Finally, Mrs Eio saw a newly opened Wang Yuan Fish Soup. She remembered eating fish soup from this stall located at a coffeeshop located at tampines st 81. Without hesitation, she joined the queue in front of this stall hoping to increase her intake of omega 3/6. Lol 



Don’t be surprised by the variety of sauce, garlic & ginger that the store owner kindly offer to his customers. He even serves free grapes that day. 

To find out more about the owner, visit this website:

I bought a bowl of salmon fish soup cum red yeast noodle. The owner even throw in 2 slices of red snapper for me to try.     

To be frank, the price is on the high side compared to fish soup from other stalls. But it also depends on the type of fish you order. The fish is really fresh. The noodle is bouncy & chewy. The soup is not as salty compared to the one I’ve in Kopitiam. 


Pricey but worth trying for something decent & healthier. 👍

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