Em’s Primary School experience. 

Today’s Em’s experiential learning trip to Chong Zheng Primary School. This is his second visit to a primary school to find out more about what’s waiting for him next year. 

 Mrs Eio went with Em again, but this time round El tagged along too. 

 Mrs Eio is very impressed with the student leaders in Chong Zheng. Once the parents & K2 kids were settled in the foyer, the student leaders handed out bottled water & their school newsletter (though dated 2014) to her.  
Mrs Eio is glad that she’s able to join Em for his “canteen experience”. 

This time round, the buddy-k2 student ratio is not 1:1 but 1: 3 so the K2 kids seems abit lost. Mrs Eio is trying not to interfere amidst the chaos. Lol. 

Aiyah… The buddy led Em & his friends to the snack stall. Yes this stall has the shortest queue but eating tidbits (aka junk food) is really not what Mrs Eio wants Em to have for his morning break time. Control!!! Control!!! Don’t interfere…   

Got Em a cheapo wallet online. Will “upgrade” next year Jan so that it’s easier for him to get his coins. 

Em gotten himself “pillow snacks”. Oh gosh… 

Mrs Eio & El’s hungry so let them “show off” to Em their food. French fries & spaghetti!! Em saw & salivated. Lol. 

Mrs Eio thinks the food is rather expensive. The French fries is S$1. The spaghetti excluding the side orders are $1. Initially, Mr & Mrs Eio thought of giving Em 50cents per day for recess & prepare sandwiches etc for him to bring to school. Err… Might review this amount. 


Em requested to his buddy to let him go for a second round of buying more food since the queue is shorter now. Good move! Not sure what he’s getting…

When Mrs Eio turned around after taking the shot above,  she realized El is still happily eating her spegetti. Self service…

Someone’s back from hunting…   

Oh gosh… Em’s gotten french fries. Well… This is better than “Pillows”. Nevermind…

Wondering whose having canteen experience. Em or El. She’s still happily eating my spaghetti. 

The students gathered at the foyer & the HODs led the parents for school tour.
The student leaders did presentations about the exhibits at the Solar Haven. Mrs Eio is impressed!  

Em totally excited with their science experiment set ups.    

Frankly, this is not the first time Mrs Eio’s here in Chong Zheng. She was here many years back to set up a booth & exhibits with her colleagues & students during the East Zone Recycling Day. She probably just got married then.  


Chong Zheng’s P shared about the 21st century competencies. Oh mine… This is what Mrs Eio’s school has been involved in piloting before she left for No pay leave. This framework is imprinted in her mind… Nice lady, a teacher at heart. Mrs Eio has gained some tips from her sharing. 

Well… Chong Zheng has shown great hospitality by sending their HODs to bring the parents for school tour & their P6 prefects/ student leaders to be the presenters. No doubt this might not be the first time these prefects are presenting about their Solar Haven but this shows how much the school leaders pay keen interest in things that they are engaged in. 
Even if this is to “wayang” to the public, Mrs Eio thinks that it’s still very well done. Anyway, she don’t think Chong Zheng needs to “wayang” to attract more students as their phase 2C for Primary 1 Registration is always oversubscribed & required registrants to go through balloting process. 

Err… But the Eios are staying more than 1km from this school. So… Not possible at all. 

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