Cafe Hopping

Milk & Honey Gelato @ Bedok

Yes!!! Mr & Mrs Eio had sneaked out of the house after Eio kids fell asleep for the night. Mrs Eio trusted that Eio kids were in good hands of her sister. So, off they went to a cafe nearby – Milk & Honey Gelato. 

It’s really crowded that night but the love birds managed to find seats. Mrs Eio waited with great anticipation for the waffles. 

Well… You can see from Mrs Eio mega heavy eye bags & intense dark eye rings that she’s really done for the day… Hopefully for the rest of the week she supposed!!!

Mr & Mrs Eio often passed by this cafe when they sneaked out for Mrs Eio’s favorite minced pork noodles (bak cho mee) at Bedok block 85 market. After realizing that this cafe is open till late night. The couple decided to give it a try. 

The texture of the waffles are good. Crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. Err… But The taste didn’t really suits Mrs Eio. It’s kind of too blend. Nevertheless the waffles go well with the icecream. The sweetness of this desert comes entirely from the icecream, not the waffles (if you get what she means).  Mrs Eio had chosen pistachios & sesame flavoured icecream. The milk & honey flavour is too sweet for her. 

Hmm… So why is this cafe worth sharing on Mrs Eio’s blog? Simply because it’s a good place to chill out in the east (near her home) after a long day. If Eio kids ever wakes up in the middle of the night looking for Mrs Eio, they can “zoom” back home asap! This cafe opens till late night, so Mrs Eio can lament to Mr Eio about her long day… at a cafe flowing with milk & honey…  Lol! 


Milk & Honey Gelato

Bedok FengShan Market, Block 86

Bedok North Street 4

S’pore 460 086
Opening hours: 

Sunday — Thursday: 12pm — 12am

Friday & Saturday: 12pm — 1am

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