El & her newly “invented” game

Mrs Eio bought a number of “cheapo” things for Eio kids from her visit to USA this March. These stuff are selling at usd $1 at Target. So she simply buy without blinking her eyes. Lol.

She still has some stock & is rationing/ taking out the “toys” only during “rainy days” when Mrs Eio is desperate & wanna keep the kids occupied.

For this long weekend, Mrs Eio took out these colourful rubber bands to tie El’s hair. It’s a packet for usd$1. After awhile, she decided to used some of them to teach El counting & colors.
Show mama the purple rubber band…


Still counting…

Mr Eio decided to play a game with El by throwing the rubber bands into her small pail.

El’s turn to aim & shoot! She did it. Hi5 from papa.

The next day, El is asking everyone to sit down & play with her. She told us she has a new game to share with us.

Well… She arranged the rubber band like this & explained that whoever place the rubber and on the green plate is the winner! (Err… What is this 2 plus years old thinking about??)

After while, she said she’s making an improvement for her game & we must put the rubber band around micky’s head.

Some time later, she decided to walk around the house. She said she’s trying to think of ways to make improvement.

El came to Mrs Eio crying as she can’t think of ways to improve her game. We tried to console & affirm her that she’s doing a good job & she’s has come up with a nice game. We can slowly think of ways to improve it later on… 

From this episode, Mrs Eio realised how creative human beings are. (We have a creative creator… It’s in our DNA! ) We innovate & constantly seek to make improvements.

It takes a couple of years for Mrs Eio to truly/ better know how to empathize with Eio Kids. El’s effort to “invent” a new game would be less appreciated & her frustration would seem ridiculous to Mrs Eio if this happened years back. Mrs Eio is still trying to adapt & learn as the kiddos grow but she can definitely understand their “lingo” after these years of “staying home”.

I hope this little girl’s desire to innovate & improve don’t stop here. Though we’ll face challenges, we will overcome!

We are overcomers in Him!!!

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