Bosch experience with Chef John See

Thanks to Mrs Eio’s ex-colleague Ms Juansa Cheng, Mrs Eio had the opportunity to visit Bosch experience centre this week for a demonstration by Chef John See. Little does she know that this Learning Journey is much more insightful than she thought.

While waiting for the arrival of Chef John See, Mrs Eio toured around the Bosch Home Appliances Center. She’s pretty impressed by their high-end products – Gaggenau.


Suitable for landed housing & patio area. 

Yes!!! Chef John See had arrived. Despite being a veteran Chef & having a wealth of experience in conducting cooking classes, he has no air. Mrs Eio was totally at ease throughout the 3 hours session at Bosch Kitchen.

Chef John See has been working with Singapore Health Promotion Board in creating healthy menu. Hence, the dishes that he’ll be sharing are definitely good for our body & taste buds.

He will be demonstrating to us on how to prepare the following 3 dishes:

1) Sea Cucumber, white Fungi Salad with citrus Salsa & Pomegranta molasses reduction. (Salad)

2) Steamed Salmon encrusted with Flaxseed & walnut served with Beetroot-tomatoes jam & sautéed kale with Soya milk. (Main)

3) Chilled melon soup with avocado & assorted berry. (Dessert)

For this post, Mrs Eio will share on the salad. She’ll share more on the main dish & dessert in her subsequent posts.

Mrs Eio was pleasantly surprised with Chef’s choice of ingredients for the salad. Sea cucumber & white fungi? We have probably eaten cold desserts with white fungi but most of the sea cucumber Chinese dishes are braised. Hmm.. Not sure how would this salad will taste like.

These are the ingredients. 
Sea cucumber mix:

200g sea cucumber (preblanch with salt water)

50g white fungi (preblanch to cook)

1 Japanese cucumber (thinly sliced)

1 red apple (thinly sliced & soak in salt water)

55g arugula green


Citrus salsa:

3tbsp White onion (thinly diced)

1 Grapefruit & 1 orange (wedge & squeeze out the juice)

This is how Chef John wedge the grapefruit & orange.

Pinch of freshly cracked rock salt & black  pepper.



4tbsp toasted almond flakes

2tbsp pomegranate seeds (see video at the end of this post on how to remove Pomegranate seeds.)

1 tbsp pomegranate molasses reduction (see photo below) . Mrs Eio thinks it taste like berry essence. Leaving a sour aftertaste at the back of your tongue. However, if you dip arugula green into this reduction, it’ll bring out the sweetness of this vegetable. 

1) combine all the sea cucumber mix together in a big bowl, set aside.

2) combine all the citrus salsa ingredients, mix well & tossed it over the sea cucumber mix.

3) top it with the garnishes & serve.

Photo of the end product! Which type of plates would you like your salad to be served in? 

Same salad but serving it in different plates gives a different look & finishing. Mrs Eio supposed different prices too. Lol. The salad is very refreshing. Of course, the zero calories & high-in-collagen sea cucumber will make you craving for more. Try it at home. Well… Mrs Eio’s mother-in-law has been eating sea cucumbers to improve the condition of her knee joints. Hmm… This is another option to prepare this wonderful ingredient from the sea.

There’s weekly cooking demonstration at Bosch experience center. Do check it out! A chef & teacher at heart who also enjoys eating what he cooks. Attached please find Chef John’s sharing on how to remove the flesh (seeds) of the pomegranate fruit.

As you can see, Mrs Eio had an enriching & fruitful session at Bosch that afternoon! She will share on the main dish & dessert, as well as an all-in-one Bosch oven that can steam, microwave etc. in her subsequent posts on her “Bosch Experience with Chef John See”. So stay tuned!

PS. This is not a sponsored post.

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