7 ways Eio kids “self-service” at home (age 2-6)

After shifting to their new place this year, Mrs Eio decided it’s time for Eio kids to do more “self-servicing” at home as compared to the past since they are now older & this can save her more time & trouble. Eio kids can also learn to be more independent. 

Nevertheless for some of the pointers below, adult supervision & guidance are absolutely necessary to ensure the children’s safety. The kids also need to know how to “self-service” correctly right from the start so that they need not unlearnt & re-learnt what they have already know. Patience are very much needed at the initial stage so parents try not to loose your cool when the kiddos miss the mark. (A reminder to Mrs Eio herself!) Mrs Eio stresses on age appropriateness & readiness of the child. In the long term, this will relieve the SAHM/ caregivers who are looking after the kids at home on their own. 

 1) Place a stable stool at the sink for them to stand wash hands on their own. 

Place hand towels lower (at their height) so that the kids can reach them easily to dry their hands. 


2) Install/ Set up a lower laundry rack so that the kids can help to keep & sun clothes


Some days Eio kids helps to fold Mr Eio’s handkerchiefs. 


3) Set up a work station (at least a table & chair) so that the kids know where to go automatically to complete their assignments or school homework. (Mrs Eio is still trying to refine this after Em goes Pri school. Probably a more conducive corner in a room… For the time being, Eio kids enjoys doing work at their windy front balcony.) 

Just last months, Eio kids shared a table when their do work, but Mrs Eio soon finds them distracting each other. Her in-laws gave her another table. There are time they work together but it’s good to separate them to work at different places when necessary. 😊


4) Place books & a box of toys at the living room or at a corner so that they kids can play or read in the morning while waiting for mommy to wake up. Lol. Eio kids has been going to their play or reading area quietly in the mornings when they woke up earlier than Mrs Eio these days. 

Books at the TV console & a box of train set etc. Messy as they’re very much in use. 😁

Mrs Eio separates the toys into a few boxes & the boxes are rotated every week so Eio kids have “new toys” to play with all the time. Lol. 

Mrs Eio is sure most kids are told not to draw on the walls etc, it’s good if we can also provide an area or an easle /whiteboard for them to scribble & express themselves. 

5) Use a jerry can or container with a tap for the kids to get drinking water on their own. 

Place their cups (unbreakable) near the edge & at a height that they can reach. 


El is pouring water for mama. Simply lovely! 

**having a stool at the sink also allows the kids to wash their own cups after use. 

Eio kids tell Mrs Eio that they can wash their own cup after use when Mrs Eio asks them to place the cups at the sink for her to wash.  

6) Lower the shower head & place the children’s soup on a lower shelf so that they can bathe on their own. 

 Em is able to bathe on his own after some guidance. This really save Mrs Eio lots of time everyday & she can prepare meals etc while he’s showering. But she’ll do spot check once in awhile.

Ps. This photo is posted after having Em’s permission. 😄 

7) Store/ place the socks & shoes at a good height within the children’s reach so that they can put them on on their own. (They must be taught how to put their shoes & socks on properly initially). 

** Having a lower shelf to store clothes & socks or storing them in the lower compartments of a cabinet will also allow the kids to help us store their clothing after they have taken it from the laundry rack. 

 Others: Mrs Eio has tried getting the Eio kids to prepare their meals, lay the tables, clean the table after meals, vacuum & clean the floor etc etc but that’s not everyday for kids 2-6 years old. Well… They are still kids right? Lol. 

  Em is better & more particular in cleaning the area under the dining table. Lol. 
The pointers above are not exhaustive. Mrs Eio is sure there are parents with very good tips too. Please share with us so that we can all benefit & make lives as SAHM/ main caregivers easier & happier!!! Cheerios!

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭NIV‬

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