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White fungus, Lily bulb dessert 

Polling day. Psi reading is 111 now on a hot Friday afternoon. It’s been at an unhealthy range & Mrs Eio is sure many people are having some form of respiratory issues these few days. Mrs Eio decided to prepare dessert that will moisten our lungs & strengthen our respiratory & immune system. For sanity & beauty too! Lol. 

White fungus lily bulb dessert. 

Ingredients  are as follows (the photo shows the type of ingredients. Not the quantity.) :

White fungus (1 big packet) 白木耳

Dried Lily bulbs (1.5 cup) 百合

Melon strips (3/4 cup) 冬瓜条

Wolfberry (3/4 cup) 枸杞子

Dried Lotus seed (1 .5cup)莲子

Dried Longan (1.5 -2 cup)桂圆

Red date (1 cup) 红枣

Gingko nuts (1.5 cup) 白果

Rock sugar 冰糖to taste. (Depending on the amount of longan & red date added. The more longan & red date, one should reduce the Rock sugar.) 

3.5 litres of water. (Serving about 15 people )水

  Soak the white fungi & remove the “stalk” (the hard & yellowish area before use). Rinse thoroughly. White fungus is high in collagen & well known for their ability to improve respiratory functions. Lily bulb is also beneficial to our respiratory system. Wolfberry- for our eyes… Despite the haze & hot weather, smooth skin & healthier lungs, here we come!!!

You may use fresh or canned gingko nuts. 

Mrs Eio is using her La gourmet magic cooker again. Safe time & energy. Bring the water to boil. Give all the dried ingredients a good rinse before adding them (except the rock sugar) into the pot of boiling water. Boil about 1o-15 min, put the inner metal pot into the magic cooker outer cast to let the ingredients continue to cook for at least 1-2 hours. Add rock sugar to taste before serving. 

The longer the ingredients remain in the pot (3-4 hours) the softer the lotus seed, lily bulb & white fungus. The soup will be slightly thickened. Yummy…

If you are “heaty”, having sorethroat etc, you may omit longan & red dates. Just use more rock sugar to taste. Alternatively, you can add barley to the soup.   

Eio kids’ drinking the dessert when Psi is 170. Try it out. For our sanity, lungs & beauty!!! Lol. 


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