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Milkcow ice-cream

Milk cow is having a promotion at changi city point. The 2nd ice-cream is going at 50% discount (the lower price of the 2 icecream). Valid period: 12-14 September 2015. Price for icecreams are from $4.90 onwards. 

Mrs Eio is saw this promo & decided to give the Eio kids a treat today. 

Milkcow originated from Seoul, South Korea & their icecreams are supposedly 100% natural, and organic. Mrs Eio tried M1 (original ) & M2 with honey topping. 

Sad to say El can’t take milk products. Hence, she shall have an icecream cone at 40 cents. 

 The icecream is soft & melts rather quickly. It’s refreshing & somehow the milk taste different. Similar to the Hokkaido icecream but not exactly the same. 
 MilkCow has 8 outlet in SINGAPORE. For more information, visit their FB at

Moo moo moo…

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