Em’s letter to Mrs Eio 

Mrs Eio is happy & sad at the same time. Em has been writing tonnes of letters to Mrs Eio for the past few months. Mrs Eio has taught Em to write cards for his friends. Nevertheless, all these started off as Em made Mrs Eio really angry one day so Mr Eio advised him to write a card for Mrs Eio to apologize to her. Soon, Mrs Eio has been receiving cards every morning. Followed by letters… Longer letters… These few days, Em has been making & writing “muti-pages” card (almost like a book with page number) to Mrs Eio. He even makes an envelope for his card. This is one of it…
Em used recycled card board found in our church’s anniversary Tshirts wrapper as the “recyclable paper” sign looks like a stamp. 
When Mrs Eio read the letter, she must make sure there’s an obvious sign of opening the letter. Otherwise, Em will ask her why she didn’t read the letter…


SG50… That’s how much he loves Singapore.   

Well… Mrs Eio is happy as there’s this channel that Em can communicate with her & express himself. However, she’s sad & disturbed as she’s receiving it every morning. Is she an angry mommy in Em’s eyes???


Em’s promise to be kind to Mrs Eio. How much he loved her. Hope Em will still remember how much he loves Mrs Eio when he grows up & has a girlfriend or after getting married. Lol. 
Em usually make these cards early in the morning while waiting for Mrs Eio & El to wake up. So… He wrote “see you later”. So looking forward to see his mommy! 


Deeply touched… After receiving Em’s letters for some time, Mrs Eio is quite sure He did not write all the letters to apologies. It’s a way to express his love for Mrs Eio. 

Sweet lovely boy. It’s time for Mrs Eio to write letters to Em. 

“To my dearest son, with ❤️.”

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