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Story behind Em’s song “Thank you God for everything”

Past few weeks were long & busy. One of the nights was punctuated by Em spilling his full glass of milk on his table all the way to the floor & piano. Mr Eio was working OT. This happened when Mrs Eio was bathing El. Hoping to chase Eio kids to bed asap. Em’s pyjamas was wet. Milk was everywhere. When the Eios had a helper, this probably won’t be so frustrating. But now everything’s diy. Mrs Eio was speechless.

Em kept apologizing that he spilt his milk accidentally. Well… Em just swam a few laps during his swimming lesson that evening so Mrs Eio tried to control all her emotions as she cleared up the mess… But looking at the extent of the spillage, Mrs Eio had to bite her tongue real tight. Well… It’s worth it!

Eio kids has been running after Mrs Eio to read bedtime Bible stories with them every night. Frankly, by the time Eio kids are about to go to bed, Mrs Eio is absolutely “low battery”. Sometime, Mrs Eio hope to skip it all together. That particular night, she read the story of Abraham to Eio kids.  Eio kids gave thanks to God. Em prayed to Jesus to chase the rain away that afternoon as he wanted to have his swimming lesson. True enough, the dark clouds went away & it didn’t rain that evening. So em could have his swimming lesson. After the kids gave thanks to God, em sang this…

 Thank you God for Everything

 Thank you God for a butterfly

Thank you God for everything

Thank you God for the land & the sea

Thank you God for everything

Thank you God for a beautiful tree

Thank you God for everything

Thank you God for fish that swim

Thank you God for everything

Everyone is so happy &

God created you & me.

Link to the song that em sang is attached below:

Mrs Eio thought em learnt this song in the Sunday school but he said no… Em said,”these words just came into my head.” Mrs Eio googled & can’t find a song with similar tune & lyrics. Interesting… Once in awhile, em will blurt out songs like this.
Mrs Eio wondered if she had just burst out in anger & scolded Em when he spilt his milk. Will he still has a heart of thanksgiving & worship? He’ll probably be crying non-stop just before bedtime & the frustration & drama could overspill to Mr Eio who was home late that night.

Mrs Eio was glad that she exercised some self-control. Oh wells… This is life.

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