Post cny: cooling drinks to bring down the heat!

Finally, Chinese New Year (CNY) is over. After eating so much Cny goodies & sleeping late at night, it’s time to have some time to “cool” down. 

Mrs Eio brewed (on separate occasions): 

1) barley with melon strips drinks &


2) luo han guo, xia ku cao, chrysenthemum & gan cao drinks 


Rinse the ingredients & put them in the rice cooker. Add water & switch on the rice cooker.

Eio kids drank them without complaining about the taste etc. So it’s truly worth trying. 

Using rice cooker saves Mrs Eio the hassle of having to check the stove. Her rice cooker has the auto function to “keep warm” after boiling the herbs for some time. 

When it’s about time to serve the drinks, simply add rock sugar to taste will do. 


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