Swatow Seafood

Swatow Seafood, a restaurant that’s located in the Toa Payoh neighborhood.   
It’s not easy to find car parking lot nearby that area, unless one is willing to park further away. Mrs Eio was there with her family to celebrate her father-in-law’s birthday. Teochew restaurant for the Teochew family.  

The dining area is bigger than what you see in the picture (above) as the other half of the restaurant is cornered off by the curtains due to a wedding. 

Mrs Eio & her family ordered a 4 pax dinner set. After added taxes etc, the bill is near S$200. 

Stir fry brocolli & scallop.   Crunchy brocolli. Scallops slightly spicy. 
Braised fish: Mrs Eio likes the fish. They are generous with the vegetables (spring onion, leek etc) on top of the fish. The sauce is slightly thickened so it’ll stick to the meat when we pick it up.  
Braised duck: thinly sliced meat. There’s dao gua (豆干)beneath the duck meat. The braise sauce goes well with rice or porridge. 

Boiled chicken soup with abalone & truffle.  Clear soup. Mrs Eio can taste the truffles in the soup. Everyone is served a bowl of soup. (4 bowls). 

Stir fry prawn. Crispy & flavourful. But the prawn ain’t big ones & it can sure be less salty. 

Sweet yam paste with pumpkin & gingko nuts: one way to find out if a restaurant is truly Teochew is to try their Sweet Yam paste. Mrs Eio loves this dessert. Sweetness from paste & doesn’t make one feels yucky.    
Sour plum drink: This a must-try is you like sour plum drinks. There’s many tadpoles jellies in the drink too. 


Mrs Eio & her family had pretty good experience at Swatow. If you love Teochew dishes, give Swatow a try. 🙂

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