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Mrs Eio’s little helper & mommy’s birthday cake

Mrs Eio’s little helper was helping to make mommy’s birthday cake.   
This time round, Mrs Eio decided to make 2 cakes. 

She altered the previous recipe (her lemon chiffon cake) so the cake was more moist this time round. 

 Ingredients for making 2 cakes: 

(A) Flour mixture:

-3 cups of cake flour

-9 egg Yorks (from fridge because that’s where I store my eggs.) 

-4 tsp of baking powder

-100 ml of caster sugar

-3/4 tsp of salt

– 100 ml of water 

-140 ml of canola oil 

-lemon zest of 1 lemon

– juice of 1 lemon -seive before use. (please don’t throw away the lemon after juicing. Add them into water for drinking or use them to make enzymes for cleaning) 

Mrs Eio seived the cake flour, baking powder & salt and set them aside. Beat the egg York & sugar using a whisk till she feel the sugar has mixed well with the york. Add oil & mix well. Add water & mix well again. Add the lemon juice & zest, mix well. Last but not least, she added the mixture into the cake flour mixture. Whisk till everything mix well together. Set aside (mixture A). 

(B) Egg-white Sugar mixture: 

– 9 egg white 

-100 ml caster sugar. 

Mrs Eio used a electric handheld blender & beat the egg white & sugar mixture till it becomes a white light foam (mixture b). Slowly fold in mixture b into mixture A. A ladle of mixture b at a time. Must not over mix both mixtures (mixture c). 

Set aside 1cup of mixture C. Pour the rest of mixture c into 2 baking containers. She tapped the containers on the table a few times to “set” the mixture.( Extra air bubbles can escape.)

Piping for the cake: Add a teaspoon of chocolate powder into the 1cup of mixture C that’s set aside. Mix well. Put it into a piping bag. Time to design something or write words on the cake. Somehow the mixture is runny so the words are not well written. 🙂

Preheated oven at 160 degree celcius. Baked for 35 minutes. 

Blessed birthday Mrs Eio! 🎉

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