姚太的淮山药材汤- Wild Yam Herbal soup


Mr Eio has been really busy lately, so Mrs Eio decided to boil some soup for the family over this long weekend. Eio kids’ favorite soup- Wild Yan herbal soup. 


Many of us would know Wild Yam nourishes our spleen & improves digestion. Mrs Eio added other herbs to improve the taste & nutritional value of her pot of goodness. 



淮山 (一条约新币$3.50~$4.50) -切丁。(huai Shan – Chinese wild yam)

枸杞子、龙眼肉和红枣少许(燥热)、玉竹、党参、黄芪(若小孩不喜欢它的味道,可免)。(姚太会乘大减价时购买药材存在冰箱内备用。)(herbs: wolfberries, dried longan, red dates, solomon’s seal, dang sheng & Huang qi) 

猪骨或半只鸡 (姚太偏爱超市所卖的Sakura 樱花鸡~$9.70一只)肉切块(pork or half a chicken- Mrs Eio highly recommends Sakura Chicken)

水大概1公升。(at least 1 litre of water)
盐少许。(salt to taste)


You can use dried wild yam too. (Photo above)


时间:45分钟 (placed all ingredients in the pot & boil for 45 min) 

 为了节省能源和无须看火,姚太常使用La Gourmet 的万能锅。但有时为了节省时间,孩子耍脾气,手脚得快些,眼前若有特大happy call 锅,姚太也绝不忌讳使用!

Mrs Eio usually used these 2 pots to prepare her soup. Well… Of course, you can also use Tan-Yu pot, clay pot or Cornell pots etc whichever that suits your needs. 


There’s no standard formula or the one-&-only way in cooking. Any recipes, tools or ingredients that can help a multi-tasking homemaker prepare a meal with ease is great help indeed! 


Great soup. A pleasant day indeed! Enjoy…

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