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Em & Science (Solid-liquid-gas)

Em loves this Encyclopedia. It’s one of the books that Mrs Eio thinks it’s a good buy. She bought it at a discounted price in Popular bookstore when El is not even born yet. 

Em’s been asking my sister to read this book for him & he’s been asking her thousand & one questions. He’s currently interested in the  states of water. So Mrs Eio takes the opportunity to show him a simple experiment on how water change from Solid to liquid & gas. 

Mrs Eio has been collecting egg containers recently. She’s still unsure what to do with them. For painting… Art…  Well… She can use one for this experient now so that she don’t have to wet the floor. 

3 ice cubes. Waiting for them to melt & by tomorrow disappears from the containers. Using post-it to get em to participate. 

Mrs Eio thought if she should set up a control experiment. But she just wanna do a simple experiment without much hassle. As long as she achieves her objectives & em understands, who cares… Haha! 

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