Updates on Eio plants

Btw, just to update on Eio kids’ plants since we are at the balcony. We have a new addition to our Eio plants family (drum roll!!!!!!!!!) – Aleo Vera!   

Getting em to spot the differences in their leaves & identify the smell for basil & lemon balm. 

 Our onions are finally growing to become spring onions. The basil, Chilli Padi & lemon balm are all doing well. 

 The labels for the plants are done up using the left over materials from making thanksgiving tree & rock of salvation. So the shapes are kind of odd. Em wrote the EL names for the plants. 

 We used the basil leaves that we grow to marinate minced beef overnight. Added fish sauce & other seasoning. The next day, thawed the beef & stir fry with long beans. Taste good. 😊

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