Cafe Hopping

Nice waffle at Refuel (Bedok Reservior) 

Mrs Eio was in need of a cup of coffee again days ago. Yes, she went to one cafe in the East – Refuel Cafe. 

Rustic concept. Spaghetti & coffee are average. But Mrs Eio is pleasantly surprised to with the texture & taste of their waffle!!!


Mrs Eio wanna eat waffle that day but her body was also crying out for protein. Wallah!!! Refuel serves smoked salmon, scrambled eggs & greens on waffle. This really made her day! Well, as some might know, as of now Mrs Eio’s favorite waffle is from Hatters street cafe (Hougang). She tried other cafe & didn’t find the texture & taste that awe her so she didn’t expect much from Refuel. As you can see, mrs Eio had changed the scrambled eggs to sunny side up because she simply needed to see the egg yolk & swollow them down her throat. Lol. That’s how desperate she was for protein & something rich that day. She can be quite picky & hard to handle at times. Haha!!

Ta-da!!! When Mrs Eio “plunged” her butter knife into the waffle. Wow, it’s crispy. After she took her 1st bite, she couldn’t stop eating the waffle. Unlike some cafes that serve crispy waffle but it’s hard & dry on the inside or some waffles are simply too soft & chewy. Refuel’s waffle is crispy on the outside & just slightly moist & soft on the inside. Lovely! It’s the texture that she likes. The staff said they serve the same waffle for ice-cream waffle dessert. So if you order ice-cream waffles, they should taste the same according to them. 

  Mrs Eio don’t mind visiting Refuel again for re-fuel if she needs one but she’ll probably “zoom in” for the waffles only. 😊

Psalm 73:26 (New International Version)

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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