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Sharing book care pointers at Em’s school

Mrs Eio was asked by Em’s school Vp to share about book care & act as a librarian to issue out the library books to Em & his classmates. Hmm… Come to think about it… Em’s vp has great confidence in Mrs Eio that she can engaged the K2 kids? Heehee… Will the K2 kids be running around in the classroom when she’s sharing?? Lol. 

Mrs Eio intended to share 7 pointers on book care with the children. These are the materials that she prepared. 

1) a board (recycled materials. Heehee) with the 7 book care pointers (save the time for mrs Eio instead of writing on the spot)

2) half done book marks (the children are to decorate it during the session) 

3) A label for herself (librarian)

4) treats (halal chocolates) 

5) stickers & coloring materials for the children to decorate their book-marks. The session will be conducted at their tea-break area, mrs Eio’s not sure of colouring materials will be readily available. 



After greeting the students, Mrs Eio explained on why she’s here today. Em’s very excited. 

Mrs Eio set 2 ground rules before starting the “lesson”. 1) Everyone must listen attentively to their friends when they are answering questions. 2) Mrs Eio has prepared little rewards (chocolate snack) for children who can answer questions correctly. Children who have gotten the chocolate snack must give the chance of answering questions to their friends. 

Mrs Eio asked the students some introductory questions before sharing the 7 book care pointers with them. Mrs Eio brought with her one of Emmanuel’s book & his book mark made during his CL lesson to show his classmates. 

Q&A time! The kids were very enthusiastic in answering questions. Everyone has a chance & all of them have gotten their “reward” including Emmanuel. Mrs Eio tried to reinforce their good behavior by reminding them of the “virtue flower” practice from their form teacher. 


Some of the children said their classmate doesn’t understand English & another classmate can’t talk. Em did highlight this to Mrs Eio back at home. During Q&A session, Mrs Eio silented the class & encouraged these 2 little boys to speak up. We are all pleasantly surprised that they can understand her sharing. One of them answered the question softly but gave the correct answer. Another boy needed promptly & a little more help but he did well at the end of the day. 


Activity time. The children are very excited to decorate their book marks. 

Time to borrow books…


As a librarian, Mrs Eio issued out the books to the children. At the end of this “lesson”, she reminded them of the due date & thank the children for a wonderful time together. Thanks to Mrs Eio “PA” (her sister for joining her & taking photos.) 


Before leaving, Mrs Eio was approached by the Vp & em’s Teacher again to be involved in the school’s SG50 lesson next week…
Err… She really need to check her schedule as she’s running late in fetching El… We shall see.  😊

◄ Matthew 19:14 ►

New International Version

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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