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Bosch experience with Chef John See (part 2- main dish)

In addition to the appetizer salad that Mrs Eio shared in her earlier post when she’s at the Bosch Experience Center, chef John See also shared his recipe on the following main dish & how he used Bosch home appliances to create this dish with ease. 

Main dish:

Steamed Salmon encrusted with flaxseed & walnut. Served with beetroot-tomato jam & sautéed kale with soya milk   
This is a dish with lots of superfood ingredients: 

2tbsp Olive oil

Pinch freshly cracked salt & pepper 

8 slices lemon slices 

Flaxseed & walnut crust: 

3tbsp toasted flaxseed

Half cup toasted walnut

2 sliced toasted wholemeal fibre bread (cut to cubes)
1tbsp honey 

Beetroot & tomato jam:

2 cooked beetroot (peel & diced)

3 cup fresh tomato (cut to quarter)

2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

4tbsp brown sugar 

Half white onion (diced)

Kale in soya milk:

1tbsp olive oil

2 whole garlic smashed 

Pinch of salt & pepper

300gm Fresh kale leaves

1 firm bean curd

Half cup soya milk

1) tomato jam: Heat up an pot over Bosch stove. Add all the tomato jam ingredients together & simmer to boil. Keep at low heat & keep stirring from time to time for 15 min. 

Use a Bosch handheld blender (see photo above) & purée the tomato jam into fine puree & add in the cooked beetroot cube. Set aside to serve with salmon. 


 2) combine all the flaxseed mix ingredients (except honey ) into the Bosch mighty mix blender (see photo below). Roughly blend & set aside. Add honey, then heating it on a pan. Set aside as a crust for the salmon.   

 3) place the salmon onto a tray top with salt, pepper, lemon slices & olive oil. Then into the Bosch Series 8 steam oven (see photo below) to steam for 5-6 min. 

Mrs Eio is impressed with bosch series 8 steam oven. It’s an all-in-one oven that can steam (that’s the container to hold water for steaming function), roast, microwave & bake etc. Recent new developments have very small kitchen, this oven will help save space as there’s no need for a steamer, microwave etc. Of course, this oven is more pricey as compared to the other conventional ovens in the market. 


Chef stressed that we should not over-steam salmon. If we see whitish substance on the salmon, it means that the fish is over cooked. 
  4) encrusted with the flaxseed walnut crust & place it onto a plate.   (Mrs Eio loves the taste of this crust. Crunchy & nutty. Can serve the kids as snacks. Lol) 

Mrs Eio has tried cooking this black tau kwa. It’s delicious, tougher & taste abit like meat. Well… You can see from the packaging that it contains antioxidants. 

5) lightly sautéed the garlic to golden brown, add kale & bean curd (see photo above & below) . Fry for 2 min. Finally add in soya milk to braise for 3 min.


6) serve with beetroot tomato jam. 


The final product! 

Steamed Salmon encrusted with flaxseed & walnut. Served with beetroot-tomato jam & sautéed kale with soya milk  

Mrs Eio has not tried steaming fish with lemon! She usually used ginger & garlic. Hmm.. Something different that she can try at home. Hopefully the Eios will like it. 

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