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Bosch experience with chef John See (part 3-dessert)

Chef John See is trained in French cuisine. Hence we can see from all these dishes that  he’s very particular with the presentation. Every dish is like an art form. Rich, colorful & pretty. Of course, very nutritious too! Below are the ingredients for making this refreshing & pretty dessert. 

Dessert: Chilled melon soup with avocado & assorted berry.



2 white dragon fruits

4 avocado

4 gooseberry

1 cup fresh blueberry

1 cup strawberry  
 Melon mix:

1 Rock melon

2 cup Ice cube

1cup fresh raspberry

  1) Combine the melon mix ingredient together in a Bosch blender, puree the ice & melon to fine. Set in the fridge & stir before serve.

2) Place one of the dragon fruit halves into a soup plate & nicely place all the fruit balls & berry onto it. Then, pour the chilled melon soup into the soup plate as shown.

Done! So pretty right?  


Putting the same dessert in different bowls give it a different feel…

 With the 3 “H” (haze/ hot & humid) in Singapore, Mrs Eio will strongly recommend this dessert for everyone. Have a blessed & restful weekend! 

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