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Trapped air floats

Em comes home with a sail boat today after school. He says he wants play with it in the water & see if it can float. Mrs Eio realizes there’s a hole on the boat where he attached the sail so she tells Em the boat is likely to sink. Em is extremely excited & wanna Mrs Eio to let him try it out. 

Well… Mrs Eio agrees to Em’s request but they can only conduct the experiment AFTER dinner. Heehee…

As expected, Em including El finish their dinner really quickly & it’s time to try out the boat. 

Before trying out the boat, let’s have some theory lesson. Let’s see if the assumptions are true.

Mrs Eio & Eio kids decided to make 2 boats so that El could also participate. These are the materials that they use simply because they are what they have at home. 

 Mrs Eio just finishes using her kitchen paper towel so they can have the roll as one of the meterials. 

Em names his boat Angiri-10. It’s the boat he took when the Eios were in Maldives June this year . 


El’s boat is the control experiment. So they cut a hole underneath.

True enough. El’s boat sinks & Em’s boat is still sailing. They try sailing Em’s boat from school. It doesn’t sink as they have taped the hole. Strong wind from the balcony blows in & the boat moves without them touching. Em asks about the wind & sail. 

 El throws the toys onto the boat & so they discuss on incident where the boat sank as there’s too many people on board.

Not sure how much Eio kids comprehend but this experiment sure keeps them occupied for very long so Mrs Eio can wash up after dinner. 👍

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