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McCafe delights

Mrs Eio is not promoting Mac Donald’s here but she has to blog about her pleasant encounters with a McCafe staff at the Mac Donald’s outlet located at Tampines St 32. 

During one of Mrs Eio’s recent visit to this mac outlet, she ordered a take-away latte (in case she can’t finish the coffee as she’s in a rush) & a “have it here” muffin. The outlet wasn’t crowded. Hence, this barista asked Mrs Eio to take a seat & offered to serve the Latte & muffin right to her table! That’s very nice of her… When Mrs Eio “received” her Latte & muffin, these were what she had gotten. 

   Ain’t these lovely. Mrs Eio don’t think many baristas will bother to “decorate” the Latte for take-away. But this barista makes an effort to do so. Look at the cream beside the muffin!

Mrs Eio was back to this outlet again few days later. She ordered a Latte & muffin again but this time she’s “having them here”. 

Nice Latte Art. The barista even decorated the plate for serving muffin. Well done! 

This is the barista that Mrs Eio is referring to (see photo below). A Lovely lady who takes pride in her job & Mrs Eio could see that she’s willing to go the extra miles to serve the customer. 

The latte tasted pretty good even though Mrs Eio asked for low fat milk. It’s less creamy, lighter in terms of its body but definitely good enough to perk up Mrs Eio’s day. 

It’s a delight to have such an encounter at a neighborhood Mac Donald’s cafe outlet. 

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