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Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Finally, Mrs Eio made it to  Chye Seng Huat Hardware. She noticed that many people in the cafe are taking photos. Let’s join the crowd!   
Mr Eio likes the Latte at CSHH as its not too acidic. But Mrs Eio finds it too milky & lacks “kick” for her. Nevertheless, everyone has different preference for their cuppa. 🙂

Barista at work! Make sure you don’t wait in vain while placing your order. There’s a queue for collecting your coffee orders & a separate queue for ordering your food. They are just next to each other so Mrs Eio went to the wrong queue while waiting to place her order at the cashier. 

Interesting concept. Rather crowded during lunch time. So Mrs Eio did not take as much photos as she would like to… She likes the window grilles. Lol. 

The Papa pork burger is interesting. Charcoal bun with pork patty served with wasabi chips. The patty is on the sweet side mainly due to the pineapple jam on top of it. 

Yes. They grill the burger bun! Mrs Eio thinks S$18 is consider expensive as the side dish is just chips (not fries or salad). 

Forest of Mushroom on toast is a letdown. It’s like having thick cream of mushroom on a simple toast. The poached egg white are rather tough in texture. S$15 for this dish. Mrs Eio will sure skip this if she ever visit CSHH again. 

EL enjoyed the chips though…

So much of the food… Mrs Eio went on to explore the second level. 

Apparently, part of the level 2 is used to conduct craft workshops & the Tyrwhitt General company sells leather & other items. You may visit their website to find out more about their craft workshop. 


This company is not related to CSHH. 

This is where they conduct the craft workshop. Probably for 10-15 pax. You may sign up as individuals too. 


 Leather pouch – one can make this during the workshop. 

The C- platform is a coffee school under CSHH. 


All in all, do explore beyond level 1 to make your trip worthwhile. 🙂 

CSHH Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Road, 207563

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