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Mrs Eio’s waffles

Mrs Eio finally has time to post on her waffle making experience. The waffles she made during her 1st attempt were quite hard & dry. So this time round, she seeks to improve the quality of her waffles. Hope her waffles are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. 


Here’s the recipe…


2 cups flour

4teaspoons baking powder

1⁄2teaspoon salt

1⁄4cup sugar

2eggs, separated 

1⁄2cup oil (no no butter for el)

2cups soy milk (since el can’t have cow’s milk) 

Mrs Eio’s style: dump all ingredients (except egg whites) together in a mixing  bowl. She didn’t sieve the flour this time round. She might try sieving next time to see if there’s a different. Keeping stirring. You’ll see bubbles in the mixture as the baking powder is reacting. Mrs Eio used chopstick to beat the egg whites. Keep beating until it’s fluffy. Add the egg whites to the mixture & stir to mix well. 


Here’s Mrs Eio’s Severin waffle maker. Love it! Easy to wash & clean. Oil the maker before putting in the batter. if you wanna thicker waffles, just put more batter but don’t close the cover immediately. Let the waffle cooks about 1 min so that when you close the cover, the batter doesn’t ooze out. Don’t press down the cover all the way & do not “click” the cover so that the waffle will be thicker. 


Yummy… It’s the texture Mrs Eio loves.  

This is the fanciful part. Decorating & adding sauces to the waffles. Well, Mrs Eio’s style is that she uses whatever she can find in her fridge in kitchen. Heehee. 


El can’t have the chocolate sauce as it contains milk proteins. How about Gula malacca syrup? Mrs Eio tried Hatters street (Hougang) waffles with gula malacca sauce. She simply loves it. 

el’s waffles

em’s waffles

Happy faces…

To save time, Mrs Eio used up all the batter & made many waffles. She refrigerated the extra waffles for Mr Eio & her sister. 

When Mr Eio is back at night, Mrs Eio microwaved to warm up the waffles. Somehow this process softens the waffles but when the waffles cooled down, it’ll start to harden. So eat it while it’s warm so that the outside is hard & crisp but the inside has not harden yet. 

mr eio’s waffles

sister’s waffles

Home-made waffles. Yummy… She thinks it’s a success this time round. 

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