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Meet & Melt cafe

Mrs Eio is pleasantly surprised to find a cafe opposite her alma mater along Tampines St 91. This is the neighborhood she grew up in. Many changes from the colours of the flat to the shops at the void deck. Being there is simply nostalgic…   
Meet & Melt- a cafe selling drinks, icecream toast & waffles. Wonder how’s their waffles?

This is a family business. The lady boss is very friendly. These are the desserts they are offering & the prices. They also cater to students at a lower price but of course a smaller portion too. 🙂

Mrs Eio ordered charcoal waffle plus salted egg icecream & a Thai ice tea. 

The Thai ice tea is only S$2. Taste ok. 

Mrs Eio is pretty impressed with their waffle. Yes. It’s the texture that she likes. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. With a tinge of sweetness. 

The charcoal waffle goes pretty well with the salted egg icecream. This combi tastes pretty good with the salted egg sauce but Mrs Eio would prefer to dip it with the caramel sauce on the plate to have a better contrast at your taste bud- sweetness of the caramel & waffle in contrast with the saltish taste from the icecream & salted egg sauce. Yummy! 
Ain’t you in love with it… Look at how the sauce drizzles down from the icecream & waffles…

Their pricing is slightly cheaper than the other neighborhood cafes that sells waffles. Worth a try! Mrs Eio will be back to try their toast soon. Stay tune…

Address: Blk 915 tampines st 91 #01-49. S520915. 

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