Kuriya Japanese Market (Tampines 1 Basement 1)

Mrs Eio explored Kuriya Japanese Market (Tampines one B1). It’s a week old as of today. There’s a number of stores selling various Japanese food in Kuriya. If you spend more than S$10 per store, you will get a chop on a card. After collecting a chop from all the stores, you may redeem a return voucher. 
It’s rather crowded during lunch time as there ain’t many seats compared to the number of stores. 

Mrs Eio tried this store- Green pumpkin. 

Latte/ Hokkaido mango cheese cake / pumpkin bread & their specialty set (mackerel).   
The green pumpkin sells a number of cakes & tarts. 

But the pumpkin bread is the only food Mrs Eio thinks its worth spending her money on. Interesting… You can find pumpkin skin in the fillings. 

Sad to say the mango cheese cake tasted milky & it doesn’t has the refreshing milk taste of Hokkaido milk products. 

The latte… 

The onigiris are salty. The soup & fish are on the average. The portion are quite small. Sufficient for ladies who are small eaters but guys… You will need “top up”. 

Next, Mrs Eio tried the sushi & chirashi don. Well… These brought some hope to Kuriya. 

Yummy! It’s fresh & tasty. 

Last but not least, menichi tonkotsu ramen with garlic oil. This is good. The noodles are chewy. Soup is flavorful. The only thing is that Mrs Eio thinks it’s a little salty. Nevertheless, the ramens are worth a try. 


If you love Japanese food, this is a place that you can explore. But do note that not all the food are of the same standard. Its their first week. Hope all the stores can level up. Take your pick then…

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