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Meet & Melt cafe (part 2) 

The Eios visited Meet & Melt over the weekend to try out their toast. Mrs Eio visited this cafe earlier on for their waffles. Click on the link below for the review: Meet & Melt cafe | I am Mrs Eio

This time round, Eios went for the Melt toast @ S$9.90. (One scoop of icecream). Mrs Eio topped up for another scoop of icecream so it’s sufficient for the kids. 


Ok… The little fingers are not waiting any longer for Mrs Eio to take photos. Let’s go for it!!!
Mrs Eio like the taste of the melt toast. It’s crispy on the outside; warm (can see steam when cut open) & buttery on the inside. Love the thickness of the toast. The icecream melted pretty quickly. One scoop of icecream will be just nice. 2 scoops will be a little overwhelming & messy to eat. 🙂 The toast goes well with the peanut butter sauce. Just a bit too buttery for Mrs Eio on the inside of the toast (as you can see). Too much calories… Lol. 


If you ask Mrs Eio if she prefers the waffle or toast? Err… You know she loves waffles. But this toast is worth trying too. Enjoy. 


Meet & Melt 

Address: Blk 915 Tampines Street 91 #01-49.

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