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New Toy: OBLO (Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

Eios has a new toy. It’s name is OBLO. On offer, S$69.90 from Cold storage. Mr Eio decided to let Mrs Eio & Eio kids have their way this time. Thank you!


You can get the OBLO cum 6 capsules of the following for S$69.90. 

Before Mrs Eio & Eio kids start playing… There’s instruction manuel (picture form) on how to rinse OBLO with water before use. 


Ok… Time to feed OBLO some capsule. 🙂

For cuppucino, there’s 2 capsule. The coffee & milk. 


Eio kids trying out!


Mrs Eio should have put in the milk capsule fist before the coffee capsule but she didn’t. 


She did it the other way round. So the colour of the cuppucino is reversed. Lol. 


Mrs Eio bought the following 2 type of capsules. So far, Cortado is Rich & “got kick”. Kind of bitter without sugar. Suitable to have it in the morning to perk up the day before work! 


 Yes. Mrs Eio’s cuppa this morning. The only minus point for OBLO is that it doesn’t have water indicator. Meaning you have to put the right amount of water in the water tank to make coffee. The machine doesn’t automatically stop when your coffee is done. If you add too much water into the water tank, all the best! Your cup will either overflow or you will have very diluted cuppa. 

This is nothing to worry about for Mrs Eio as she has metal measuring cups at home! Heehee. She has done some basic marking on the water tank. So for one capsule coffee, just add in the right amount of water into the tank before making coffee. For 2capsule coffee, she has to use her measuring cup to “collect” the right amount of “liquid” from the first capsule. Then pour it into the cup. Second capsule “liquid” can go straight into the cup containing the 1st capsule’s “liquid”… Done!! There’s ways to work around this problem. 

Well… $ 69.90 for all the excitement & having another option to have a decent cuppa in the morning. Why not? 

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