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Korean Dessert Cafe (Tampines)

Mrs Eio decided to try out this newly opened Korean Dessert Cafe @ Tampines Century Square level 3.   
After placing your orders, you’ll be given this “vibrating pagers”- self service. 

These are the bingsu available in this cafe. Prices range from S$12.90-s$18.90 (additional toppings charged separately). 

Mrs Eio noticed most people are sharing their bingsu & the customers are mostly young people & ladies. 

Mrs Eio ordered a Pat Bingsu (rice cake & red bean) for $12.90 & a latte for $5.90. 

Additional milk is given for your bingsu. Dash of peanut powder on it. The difference between bingsu & our ice Kacang (besides the major price difference!!) is mainly the texture of the ice. The ice for bingsu is finer & softer. The rice cakes are chewy. When you scoop further into the crashed ice, you can find some more peanut powder among the ice & milk at the bottom of the bowl. 

The red bean mash is not too sweet. Pretty decent dessert. Mrs Eio think its good to share a bowl of it with another person. Unless, your mouth & throat can take the challenge of finishing a bowl of crashed ice & all its ingredients. :)) the coffee is very average. Nice place to hangout for desserts after pedi manicure & shopping but make sure you have enough money! Lol. 

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