Xing Ji Ba Chor Mee (minced meat noodles) 

One of the comfort food that Mrs Eio is thankful that it exist in this world is Xing Ji Ba Chor mee from Blk 85 Bedok north Street 4. #01-07. (Not other outlets. )

If mr Eio goes to Blk 85 market to packet minced meat noddles but Xing ji is closed & he buys noodles from another stall. Mrs Eio will know it immediately after tasting the soup. It’s just not the same!!!

Mrs Eio must must must eat the noodles with red cut Chilli. The noodles are bouncy & Mrs Eio loves the saltish taste from the soup. Fragrance that comes from the sweetness of the meat. Chewy meat balls. 

Go for the s$3 bug bowl to make your trip worthwhile. S$2.50 for small eater. 🙂

If you love BCM (Ba Chor mee). Try Xing ji at Blk 85 market (Bedok north). 

Their website:

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