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2am: dessert bar

Mrs Eio wanted to visit 2am: dessert bar for quite some time. Winning these 2 vouchers in a Facebook contest gave her the extra push to travel all the way to holland village to enjoy her cuppa & dessert in this cool cafe/ dessert bar by Chef Janice Wong. 

2am: dessert bar is located at level 2. 

Mr & Mrs Eio were there around 3pm. It wasn’t crowded. 

Mrs Eio ordered Chocolate Licorice & The Cuppucino. 

Mrs Eio likes the chocolate icecream with taste of herbs. 

The melon disc (below) is refreshing. It goes well with hazelnuts. 

Our cuppas from the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. 

Mrs Eio don’t wanna miss her chance to try out their waffles for S$18 (excluding other charges). 

If you loves chocolate, try their 2am: Fonffle-  70 per cent chocolate fondant waffle with blood orange sorbet. The waffle is crispy on the outside. Fluffy & very soft on the inside. Mrs Eio will say it’s much softer than the waffles she has eaten in other cafes. The sorbet is absolutely necessary. Just when you are about to be overwhelmed be the chocolate sauce, the sorbet gives a refreshing & up-lifting taste. A contrast to the chocolaty sweetness. 

A dessert bar / cafe for people who really knows how to appreciate deserts & see it as an art-form. The food are considered pricey unless you can truly appreciate it. Mr Eio gobbles up the desserts so not much comments from him. Lol. 

For more info, visit their website:

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