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Quick Crustless Spinach quiche 

Rainy afternoon. Preparing quiche to use up the left over cheese in fridge.  This is Eio’s lunch.  

1) A packet of baby Spinach  

2) 2 tomatoes

3) 1 big yellow onion & garlic

4) 6 eggs 

5) some dried Italian herbs 

6) 1 cup of cheese 

7) 1/3 cup soy milk

8) Half tsp of fish sauce 

9) 1/3 tsp of pepper

10) Half tsp of salt 

11) olive oil for stir frying the vegetables & greasing the baking container. 


– preheat oven at 200 degree celcius. 

– Chop up ingredients 1, 2 & 3 

– mixture A: add olive oil to frying pan & stir fry ingredients 1-3 together. Add salt. Cook till the vegetables softened & water dried up. 

– mixture B: beat the eggs. Add ingredients 5-9 into the beaten eggs. Mix well. 

– grease the baking container. Add in the vegetable mixture A, followed by mixture B. Briefly stir to mix. Do not over mixed them. 

– bake the mixtures in oven for 30 minutes. DONE!

Mrs Eio used lesser eggs as compared to other online recipes. Replace butter with olive oil. Used soy milk as it’s what El drinks at home. If you have cow’s milk at home, it should be fine too. 

Mr Eio gives a thumbs up. Enjoy!

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