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Mr & Mrs Eio’s couple staycation @ Elizabeth Hotel

Me & Mrs Eio had their 3d2n couple staycation @ Elizabeth hotel last year Dec. They hope to meet 3 objectives: catch up on sleep. Enjoy nice food. Rest & relax. Couple of things to note when booking a room in this hotel: Ask for renovated room, high floor & free parking coupons on the day itself.   

Elizabeth hotel is just 5-10 min walk to paragon. There’s so many great food in orchard. Hence Mrs Eio did not have any meals in this restaurant @ the hotel lobby. 

The room is newly renovated & there’s no carpet. That’s great! Everything looks clean. 

For day 1, the Eio couple checked in the hotel at 2pm. The main highlight of that day is to explore Holland Village. The couple had tea @ 2am: dessert bar since Mrs Eio won 2 vouchers on a Facebook contest. See link below: 2am: dessert bar | I am Mrs Eio

They tried some hawker food at the holland Village food centre. 


Mediterranean food for dinner. 


Enjoy the Christmas decor along Orchard Road… & listen to online sermon. 


For day 2, Mr & Mrs Eio enjoyed their Breakfast at Paul cafe (Paragon level 2). See link below: Paul (Paragon) | I am Mrs Eio


The Eio couple watched the movie “Mr unbelievable”. This movie is really unbelievably funny. Lol. Probably the older folks can appreciate it better. Mrs Eio enjoyed the show though. Must be because of the companion she’s with…


The Eio couple seldom has the opportunity to shop/ window-shop without Eio kids. It feels good to be out with your soul mate!   


The Eio couple has lunch at Takashimaya. See link below: East Ocean Teochew Restaurant | I am Mrs Eio


Mr Eio bought $10 executive lounge access (24 hour) @ Elizabeth Hotel. The lounge is actually just a pantry. So they can have free nuts, fruits, drinks or cup noodles. The gym is pretty small though. 

Time out without the kids. Great opportunity to have a discussion session on “thanksgiving for 2015 & goal setting for 2016”. 


It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy a performance in one of the shopping mall. They played beautifully. 

The Eio couple walked pass London Fat Duck (Scotts square). Well… They decided to have their dinner there. See link below: London Fat Duck | I am Mrs Eio

Some of the hotels in Orchard are having 50%discount on their desserts & pastries at night. Pls see link below:

How can Mrs Eio miss such good deal? Elizabeth Hotel is just 5-10min walk to Goodwood park hotel (walking through York Hotel).  For Goodwood park hotel, the discount is only after 8pm daily. For takeaway only. 

Yummy! Hotel standard cakes at half price. 

Day 3… Mr & Mrs Eio had their Breakfast at Cedele. See link below: Cedele (Paragon) | I am Mrs Eio


Cherish & enjoy every moment with your spouse… Check out from Elizabeth Hotel before heading back home to face reality & resume their duty. Lol. Thanks to Mrs Eio’s in-laws & sister for taking care of Eio kids. 

If you have never had a couple getaway with your spouse, it’s probably time to plan for one now. The Eio couple is looking forward to another staycation soon. 🙂 

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