Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (IMM)

The Eios seldom travel to the west. Since they were there last week, they decided to go to IMM & try Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (SiChuan style steam boat) for dinner. 

Phone reservation are full. Hence, Mr Eio went to the counter & made reservation 1.5 hours before they were allowed to enter the restaurant. 
Eio kids are excited as they get to eat free tidbits & ice-cream, receive gifts (em-car/ el- tiara & accessories). 

Mrs Eio ordered 4 types of soup (chicken, mushroom, Mala- spicy & tomato). Her personal preference are the mushroom & chicken soup. El loves the tomato soup. 

There’s a counter where one can get free flow of fruits, desserts, sauce etc for around S$4 per pax. 
Mrs Eio ordered cod fish, shrimp paste, rice/ noodles, black pork slices, marinated beef (thigh area – chewy & tender no matter how long you cook) & spinach. 

If you order noodles, the chef will “perform” la mian before putting the noodles into your hotpot. Eio kids were thrilled. 

Eio kids get to touch the noodles before its placed into the hot pot.   
Some food we got from the $4~ counter. 🙂

Our total bill is approx S$70. Their service is excellent & food is great. The kids are “well entertained”. Looking at the overall package as a whole, I think it’s worth it. 


HAI DI LAO @ IMM #03-01


You may visit their website & try other outlet too. 🙂

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