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Bar Bar Black Sheep (Bukit Timah)

Mr & Mrs Eio were at the Bukit Timah area last weekend. Hence they decided to try out Bar Bar Black Sheep.     
There’s nothing “spectacular” for their ice coffee latte. What’s to come is truly yummy…

 Mr Eio & latte…:))

Mr & Mrs Eio decided to try one western dish & one North Indian dish. 

They loved the grilled chicken. The potatoes are seasoned & well grilled. The chicken meat is juicy & goes very well with the creamy mushroom sauce. Mrs Eio loves the taste of their salad dressing. 

Their Butter chicken & plain naan didn’t disappoint us at all. The naan is crispy on the outside but soft & fluffy on the inside. It goes well with the curry & chicken. 

They encourage self service so Mr Eio made the payment at the counter.  The cafe was not crowded on the weekend that we went. 

A nice & cool place to chill out or watch football together. 

 Nevertheless, please note that there’s limited lots in the nearest carpark but you can always check out other carpark areas.  


Bar Bar Black Sheep

501 Bukit Timah #01-05C

Cluny Court

Tel: +65 6763 4757

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