The Bento People @ CT hub

Weeks ago, the Eios went to CT hub to grab some books from CRU Singapore Media ministry.  Time for lunch & they chanced upon this restaurant “The Bento People”.   

Cozy restaurant. Friendly service staff. There’s some display on Snacks & Quinoa. A “mix & match” menu where you order the carbs, proteins, vegetables you want to eat & they’ll serve the food in a bento. Interesting concept! 

Frankly, Mrs Eio really didn’t know what’s truly in store. Eio kids are famished so she just ordered whatever they like to eat. Brocolli, beef, white rice… 

After Mrs Eio ordered food for the kids, she realised there’s also quinoa & red rice etc on the menu. She decided to order red rice, curry cauliflowers, chicken with herbal sauce, toufu & mushroom for Mr Eio. 

The first comment Mr Eio made after eating is “this restaurant is selling healthy food but it’s tasty too.” Mrs Eio has to agree with him because they shared the red rice. Though they are eating lesser carbs, the red rice makes them feel fuller than eating white rice. She think it’s probably the power of eating whole grain. 


Quinoa is added to this toufu mushroom dish. It tasted really good. Mrs Eio used to cook quinoa at home but the kids are not so used to the crunch. 

Later on, the Eios met the owner of the Bento people. He kindly serves us a bowl of Yang Zhou fried Quinoa & the Eio kids simply love it! This gave Mrs Eio the motivation to revive Quinoa in the Eios lunch & dinner home menu. 😊 


The owner of the restaurant then shared with Mr & Mrs Eio the importance of eating whole grains & the healthier way of cooking meat. Later on, the Eios found out that he’s actually a doctor turns chef! 

Mrs Eio used to include more whole grain in their diet but ever since El wasn’t able to gain weight due to allergy, she reverts to white rice & simple carbs so that it’s easier for her to digest & gain weight. Now El is better, it’s time for the Eios to include more whole grains in their diet. 

What Mrs Eio read on the Straits Time recently about white rice. It coincides with what Doc (restaurant owner) shared weeks ago. 

Read this article:

Time to take care of ourselves by eating more whole grains…


Mrs Eio bought a packet of Quinoa home. Will post on what she has done with it soon. 🙂 The tri- colour quinoa tasted better than the light brown ones. 

You may read up on Doc, the man behind this great work:

Visit The Bento People & try out their whole grains & healthy food @ CT hub. 

For more details, visit their website:

Address: #02-17, CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue (339407) 

Tel: 64432006

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