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My first Lemon chiffon cake…

This is my very first lemon chiffon cake. I find the texture abit dry (probably i controlled the amount of oil) but it tasted good. It’s soft & not too sweet & heavy . Most importantly, it rises well & didn’t collapse after cooling. 🙂  

For Mr Eio. 😍  

These are some of the ingredients I used. I bought the cream of tartar but omitted it in the end. 🙂


(A) Flour mixture:

-1.5 cups of cake flour

-4 egg Yorks (from fridge because that’s where I store my eggs.) 

-2 tsp of baking powder

-50 ml of caster sugar

-half tsp of salt

– 50 ml of water 

-50 ml of canola oil (I only have 30ml of canola oil so I added another 20 ml of extra virgin olive oil. I think I’ll increase the amount of oil to 60 ml so the cake will be more moist.)

-lemon zest (Pls don’t “over grate”. Use only use the yellow skin, not the whitish area. Used to bake lemon muffin & over-grated the lemon. So the muffin tasted abit bitter.) 

– half a lemon juice -seive before use.  (please don’t throw away the lemon after juicing. Add them into water for drinking or use them to make enzymes for cleaning) 

I seived the cake flour, baking powder & salt and set them aside. Beat the egg York & sugar using a whisk till I feel the sugar has mixed well with the york. Add oil & mix well. Add water & mix well again. Add the lemon juice & zest, mix well. Last but not least, I added the mixture into the cake flour mixture. Whisk till everything mix well together. Set aside (mixture A). 

(B) Egg white mixture

– 4 egg white 

-50ml caster sugar. 

I used a electric handheld blender & beat the egg white & sugar mixture till it becomes a white light foam (mixture b). Slowly fold in mixture b into mixture A. A ladle of mixture b at a time. Reminding myself not to over mix both mixtures (mixture c). 

Add mixture c into the baking container. I try to tap the container on the table a few times to “set” the mixture.( Extra air bubbles can escape.) Preheated oven at 160 degree celcius. Baked for 45 minutes ( I might bake for 40 min in the future so that the cake will be more moist. )

Test if the cake is done using a satay stick. 

My very first lemon chiffon cake! Em can tell that it is not just any chiffon cake but a lemon cake. So glad it’s not bitter at all. 

 Yums! I’ve a flask of lemon water too. 😜

Hope I can bake a moist cake next time round. But frankly, I quite glad with the results today. 🙂

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